26 May 2017

a very sad update on our situation...


my husband had his day in court. it started on Monday, 22May2017. There r no words to describe how i am feeling right now.

jury selection was on Tuesday.
testimony started Wednesday, 24May2017 with the prosecution. they took all day. and the drama and theatrics from Hannah Wright (no longer part of our family) and Saxon Wright (former granddaughter) were clearly on display.
defense happened on Thursday, 25May2017 and lasted only a few hours.
jury got the case at about 1130hrs. they deliberated for about 2.5 hrs. at about 1500 hrs the verdict was read aloud. it was unanimous, GUILTY of indecency with a child. the judge gave him 3 yrs.
just found out that he can not get out on bond but he can appeal. i am gonna have to get the  house ready to sell to pay off our other debts cuz i cannot afford it. i will also be looking for work. unless God does a miracle, and we can get Ken out so he can work and live. i am afraid my husband will have a difficult time staying alive in that jail.
i want everyone to know that my husband is innocent of the charges. this was all driven by a person who is no longer part of the family. she has been released to her own ways and God will do as He sees fit.
i know what is behind all of this and satan will not have his victory becuz Ken Freeman is God's child.
our lawyer is looking into how to appeal and if we can get a new trial.

i know there is a possibility of loosing my husband while he is in jail. his hypothyroidism is so severe, his dietary needs r very specific, and his overall health is of great concern.

until next time...