22 February 2012

wow! tomorrow is my 27th wedding anniversary.

can't believe how we have held on to one another for all these years. the journey has not been a bed or roses but solid ground has always been there. at times the path was cluttered with weeds and brush but it has always been cleaned up. when the path got muddy and hard to traverse, the sun eventually came out and dried up the mud to once again give a clean path to walk on. along the path, the flowers grew and bloomed each season thru the years. sometimes we took time to smell the flowers and enjoy their beauty and other times, we ignored them or chose not to see. but the flowers never stopped blooming or growing.
another year is beginning for the journey on the path before us. what will it bring? i know love will be what binds us, along with our promise to walk the path of this journey together.

my prayer is that we continue to walk this path and make the best of our journey together.

i love u, ken.

your wife, sandi

14 February 2012

my new toy

27 Mar 2012
well, the material is almost ready for the fabric art. i am getting all the pieces cut out as well. i am hoping to get the "started" projects completed first. am wanting to have a craft sale in my front yard. tho i am kind of scared of doin' that. not one to do those kinds of things. but if i want to make some money, i will have to get over it. as of yet, the pics r not taken. will have to do that as well.

02 Mar 2012
well, my first project is complete except for the final sewing. my sewing machine won't work! tried to hand sew it but i couldn't keep the stitching evenly spaced. what a bummer! but the name banners look so nice! will get pics soon.

16 Feb 2012
practiced a thread changing pattern and butterfly:
gonna choose my first project now. but, aaaaaahhhhhhhhh, i don't have any space on my cutting table. better clear it off again for the umpteenth time. one day i'll have the space i need...8} well, off to do some projects.

14 Feb 2012
the machine arrived @ 1330 hrs. after carefully opening the box and checking the contents, i had to leave and watch my grandkids for a short while. after i returned, i placed the machine on the desk and started my learning. directions were clear and easy to follow. have already played with heart frame and lettering. take a look:
using the thread i already have will make the designs really stand out. it was nice that the bobbin thread was included.

there is so much for me to learn. after dinner, hubby and i went to JoAnn Fabrics and got 1 yd of material and stabilizer so i could practice the different patterns and learn all the fun stuff i can do with this machine. hopefully, by the end of the week, i will know enough to try it on some of my unfinished projects. can't wait!

today, i will recieve my embroidery machine. i have wanted an embroidery machine for over 7 yrs. hubby finally said it was ok to get one. did some checking on the Brother PE770 embroidery machine and i am hoping that the reviews i read and what my hubby told me is the right choice. made the purchase from Walmart.com on monday, 13 Feb, morning and it will arrive today, 14 Feb, and added the extra 2yr service. i have lots of learning to do b4 i actually get goin' on it. will be keeping a blog on my progress and projects. am hoping to make some "bowling money" with my designs and projects. so much to do. well, i better get my desk cleaned off so i can place the new machine there.

~ me ~

27 Mar 2012
it has been 2 weeks since i injured my left third toe. i still have trouble with wearing my shoe. but that's not the only thing. on the monday after i injured that toe, i injured my right third toe! how? by hitting it on a low to the floor, wheeled, plant stand that was placed there so we wouldn't run into the brick from the fireplace. i was wearing my flops when i did it this time as i was getting my grandson from playing with my plants. it didn't swell like the other toe did but it hurt nonetheless. a few yrs back, about 2007, i dropped a 14 lb bowling ball on my right foot. thank God for sturdy bowling shoes. but it still caused my foot to swell and injured the first three toes with the big toe taking the brunt of it. so u can see that my feet r not all that immune from injury. it's a joke here at the house now. but, oh well! nothing i can do about that except protect my toes and feet better by watching where i am goin' and NOT dropping bowling balls on them. hehehehehehe..... 8}

13 Mar 2012
today i am laid up in bed due to a foot injury that happened last nite. as i was walking behind my daughter, i slammed my 3rd toe of my left foot into the green chest that sticks out a bit from the wall just passed the bookcase closest to the bathroom. and let me tell u this: IT WAS PAINFUL! my hubby and daughter kept asking if i was ok. i was fine except for the pain. since i had socks on, i didn't look at it. it was throbbing so hard i could hear it in my head and i had to keep myself from passing out. now i'm no wimp when it comes to pain but this kind of pain can only be compared to childbirthing. of course, i didn't put ice on it. i just went about my normal stuff and kept walking around the house thinking i could just "ignore" it. yes, i could feel the swelling happening but i still didn't put ice on it nor did i look at it. after sleeping, i walked on it but noticed that the whole front part of my foot, the toes and ball of my left foot really hurt. the throbbing continued in my injured toe but not until about 10a did i examine my left foot. looking at the 3rd toe i saw that it was more black than blue. i put my sock back on and started my day. but when i showed my daughter, she said it looks like u may have broken it. yes, i have insurance but i won't go to the doc because money is tight and i really don't want to hear that "all" the money was spent on me. went thru that a while back and i don't want to go thru it again. so i am taking my kid's advise and staying off my feet and resting. will check on the toe again to see if the swelling has stabilized or started goin' down. so until i can walk, on my left foot, i'm stuck! what a bummer. oh well, i'll just catch up on my game playin' and stuff.

14 Feb 2012
this is my new blog. and since this is my first blog post, i will keep it short.

1) my name is sandi
2) i'm married to ken
3) have 2 grown children
4) have 2 grandchildren
a) 1 granddaughter 2008
b) 1 grandson 2011
5) enjoy spending time with my grandkids
6) enjoy time with my husband
7) favorite game on internet right now is FLYFF
8) i am a blood-bought, Bible-believin', redeemed child of God
9) love to bowl.

i am hoping to find some female friends that live in the DFW area. i really enjoy baking and sharing the goodies with family and friends.