14 February 2012

my new toy

27 Mar 2012
well, the material is almost ready for the fabric art. i am getting all the pieces cut out as well. i am hoping to get the "started" projects completed first. am wanting to have a craft sale in my front yard. tho i am kind of scared of doin' that. not one to do those kinds of things. but if i want to make some money, i will have to get over it. as of yet, the pics r not taken. will have to do that as well.

02 Mar 2012
well, my first project is complete except for the final sewing. my sewing machine won't work! tried to hand sew it but i couldn't keep the stitching evenly spaced. what a bummer! but the name banners look so nice! will get pics soon.

16 Feb 2012
practiced a thread changing pattern and butterfly:
gonna choose my first project now. but, aaaaaahhhhhhhhh, i don't have any space on my cutting table. better clear it off again for the umpteenth time. one day i'll have the space i need...8} well, off to do some projects.

14 Feb 2012
the machine arrived @ 1330 hrs. after carefully opening the box and checking the contents, i had to leave and watch my grandkids for a short while. after i returned, i placed the machine on the desk and started my learning. directions were clear and easy to follow. have already played with heart frame and lettering. take a look:
using the thread i already have will make the designs really stand out. it was nice that the bobbin thread was included.

there is so much for me to learn. after dinner, hubby and i went to JoAnn Fabrics and got 1 yd of material and stabilizer so i could practice the different patterns and learn all the fun stuff i can do with this machine. hopefully, by the end of the week, i will know enough to try it on some of my unfinished projects. can't wait!

today, i will recieve my embroidery machine. i have wanted an embroidery machine for over 7 yrs. hubby finally said it was ok to get one. did some checking on the Brother PE770 embroidery machine and i am hoping that the reviews i read and what my hubby told me is the right choice. made the purchase from Walmart.com on monday, 13 Feb, morning and it will arrive today, 14 Feb, and added the extra 2yr service. i have lots of learning to do b4 i actually get goin' on it. will be keeping a blog on my progress and projects. am hoping to make some "bowling money" with my designs and projects. so much to do. well, i better get my desk cleaned off so i can place the new machine there.

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