22 February 2012

wow! tomorrow is my 27th wedding anniversary.

can't believe how we have held on to one another for all these years. the journey has not been a bed or roses but solid ground has always been there. at times the path was cluttered with weeds and brush but it has always been cleaned up. when the path got muddy and hard to traverse, the sun eventually came out and dried up the mud to once again give a clean path to walk on. along the path, the flowers grew and bloomed each season thru the years. sometimes we took time to smell the flowers and enjoy their beauty and other times, we ignored them or chose not to see. but the flowers never stopped blooming or growing.
another year is beginning for the journey on the path before us. what will it bring? i know love will be what binds us, along with our promise to walk the path of this journey together.

my prayer is that we continue to walk this path and make the best of our journey together.

i love u, ken.

your wife, sandi

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