02 March 2012


27 Mar 2012 {last post}
on 14 Mar 2012, Kaylee had her stitches removed. my daughter ended up taking her as i still could not put my shoe on due to the swelling of my third tow on the left foot. the scar is healing nicely. the has already begun to regrow and should have the scar fully covered by the beginning of summer. she is back to running, jumping, and catching frisbees. but the thing i think she likes the most is that the special collar she had to wear is gone. she looks so much better now. what a great dog!

13 Mar 2012
well, it's been 11 days since Kaylee's surgery and she is doin' well. was supposed to go and get the stitches removed today but i can't put my shoe on due to injurying my left toe. {read "me" to find out more.} so i will try tomorrow. her checkup 4 days after surgery was great! the drainage tube was also removed on that checkup. so now all that is left are the stitches. it is sad that hubby can't take her due to him having to be in the office. otherwise, it would have been done today in spite of my foot. hubby has really taken good care of his dog. but of course, both our dogs r spoiled. 8} here's to walkin' hehehehehe.... 8}

02 Mar 2012
today, my hubby's dog, Kaylee (12), had surgery to remove a lump on right rump. surgery went well with all of the tumor removed. Dr. Ann did not have to invade any muscle. she is now home and still groggy and "dopey" but is doin' good. Dr. Ann left in a drainage tube due to the large cavity that was left when the tumor was removed. a biopsy is being done as she saw something that concerned her. we hope it's nothing and she thinks it is nothing as well. the tube will have to be tended to until it is removed in 3-5 days with the stitches removed in a few weeks. but so far Kaylee is looking really good. our other dog, Brahka (12), wants to "mother" her by licking Kaylee's wounds. so we have to keep them separated. it is hard for both dogs. we'll see what all we have to do with my Brahka in order to keep them apart. Kaylee is right now resting although a bit uncomfortably because of the tube sticking out but she is bearing this well. a little extra TLC and she will be fine.

the tube is allowing for the fluid to not build up in the big cavity that was left when the tumor was removed. when all is healed, it should fill in with muscle or fat or something like that. it will definitely be a while before she can run, jump, and catch a frisbee. her appetite is also nonexistent at this time but should return within the week.

03 Mar 2012
well, the first postop nite went really well. Kaylee drank some water but has yet to eat any food. but hopefully, her appetite will return soon. she does however chow down the treats we give her. better take another look at the food we r giving her. if she smells lamb in it, she will not eat. hubby has taken off the special collar when she is just laying down with him. she appears much better today and the incision area is very nice with the swelling goin' down. blood drainage is still there but is clean smelling and good in color. Kaylee seems much happier without that silly collar on. when she has it on, her head is down and her eyes sad looking; like she is trouble or has done something wrong. she's a really good dog and listens when hubby says "No, Kaylee". hopefully, Kaylee will be able to have the tube removed on monday or tuesday. we'll see.

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