06 May 2012

06 May 2012

what a great day! hubby grilled the tuna steaks and we actually had a "sit down at the table" meal together. it was the first time i remember having tuna steaks. along with the veggies and salad fixins, the meal was great! made "hot milk sponge cake" x2 - one to take with me and one for hubby.

had a great time at Voyagers this evening. the sharing and fellowship were great. and the food was good as well.

this week i am getting ready to go to my niece's graduation. gotta a lot of stuff to do: baking cookies and bread to take with us. also trying to make a gift for the graduate. but i can't decide on what to make. if i had the program i need as well as the thread, i could make a really neat gift. however the software program costs about $1600. will be awhile b4 i can afford it.

still pondering on a few things i need to take care of. hopefully, i can come to a decision soon.

better get to bed, not sure if i am watching the grandkids early or not.

until next time...

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