15 May 2012

15 May 2012
took time out to help my niece, Brianna, celebrate her graduation from high school. along with her were 2 other young ladies, Kaylee and Chrissy, who also graduated. my husband and i were quite amazed as we listened to achievements and scholarships that were earned by Kaylee and Chrissy. Chrissy accomplished her achievements despite her family problems maintaining an A average. Kaylee also achieved her accomplishments while helping out her family. Ken and I were really surprised and happy for all 3 young ladies. I hope and pray that all 3 of them will achieve their goals and do well in college.
the trip itself was really nice. got to see my sister, her son and my nephew, his girlfriend, my mom, my brother and his family. also got to see extended family and friends. it was a nice time. now to rest from all the fun over the weekend and the drive home on monday.
graduation was on 12th of May.
mother's day, Dan's birthday, and my sister, Chris, birthday on 13th of May.
48 yrs ago, Chris was born. 18 Feb 1978, Chris was taken from us. there r times when i forget it's her birthday when it comes around. but this past sunday, i did not forget. my mom's eyes showed that she had not forgotten either when i mentioned it. there seemed to be a missing person that i expected to show up anytime but never did. she is still sorely missed. i often wonder what my life might be like if she was still here. it is a dream i know, but sometimes i just can't help it. i see Chris in my youngest daughter, Katie. but i move forward and put those thoughts away so i can live today.
today, i watched my grandkids and cleaned my kitchen for the most part. still have the little bit of dishes that need to be finished tho i can now see my counters. 8} tomorrow i must find my half finished projects so i can finish them and get them ready to sell. i am hoping to earn the $1600 i need for the software program for my Brother embroidery machine. that way i can do what i really want to do. however, when i finally get the program, i will need to get lots and lots more thread. so i gotta sell a lot of my crafting projects.

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