20 May 2012

20 May 2012

sunday service was really good. got to worship with my mom and corine who r trapsing around America in a small motorhome. they r back on the road again. i think heading to colorado now. sure was nice to have them visit one more time.

today, our pastor michael geddie started on a new series called "JAMES: A FAITH TO LIVE BY".
there r 3 kinds of people: 1) those in the middle, 2) those that just come out of, and 3) those who r about to enter a time of testing/trial/trouble.
I Corinthians 10:13 promises that God will help us endure the trial.
James 1:1-4 says we r to count it all joy. even tho we may not be "joyous" in the middle of the trouble/testing/trial, it is the end result that is the joy. the trial/testing/trouble makes us steadfast or able to endure as God prepares us for what He has for us. God uses the testing/trial/trouble to strengthen us in and thru that weak area in our life. God gives us the quiet strength that shows us He is there with us. when we learn to apply God's word to our testing/trial/trouble our responses are peaceful as we endure the circumstances around us and in our own lives. our character begins to reflect God's character.
did u know that when our character reflects God's, we can be exactly what God has called us to be: worshipers of God. we worship God in all we do. and when we can worship God in all we do, our lives r filled with a peace that is not understood by those whose lives r not. my mom calls it a peace that passes all understanding. i have watched as she lives it everyday. growing up in my house was not always smooth or perfect but my mom was a rock. she had a peace that i did not understand. she has passed this on to me and my siblings as best she could. she lives it still in every part of her life. i can see it in her eyes when i look at her and the peace that comes from deep within. i can only hope and pray that i can allow God to do the same in my life. as i have lived my life, there r times when i let go and get really angry and that's when God gently reminds me i still have to give that Him. He allows circumstances to bring me to a point where i have to deal with the situation within me. when i do that, i see a change in others. i don't always let God work on the thing i am holding on to. but the times i do, i see a change in me and the way i handle things when it comes up again. i have experienced the peace that passes understanding many times in my adult life. i call it a knowing strength that is quiet but strong. my mom has taught me so much by the way she lives. and sometimes with words. love u mom!

this has been a good day so far. right now i am watching the ballgame between the TX Rangers and Houston Astros. my Rangers r leading in the top of the 3rd 5-0. we'll see if they can keep the lead and take the series.


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