15 June 2012

15 June 2012

got a call from my daughter asking if i would watch the kids overnite on saturday. i said "yes, it'll be my birthday gift to chad." now hannah can have a nite with her man and enjoy it.

it's been 4 days since i started wearing my trial contacts. tho my eyes r still adjusting, i think i will like wearing them. gonna give it a shot for a year. i will be getting a pair of glasses for backup. u never what might happen.

finally getting the papers scanned into the system. should be complete in a few days. then i will have a bit more room to move around in my sewing room. getting projects made so i can sell them. i am hoping to make a couple hundred bucks. more if i can sell. gonna be making neck roll pillows, pillows, fabric art banners as well as embroidered ones. with stuff from katie and my mom, i want to have a craft sale in my front yard. we'll see if that will happen. but i will have them on my website. hoping all will be done by the end of July early August.

tomorrow is father's day. sure miss my dad. he's been gone since Dec1997. tho it's been a while, i still miss him deeply. u see, our relationship was in the beginning stages of healing. i sure wish we could have gotten to know each other better. but i am thankful for the years i did have with him. the times r now memories but worth remembering, even the bad ones. i am glad that God allowed us to forgive one another and i am proud to be my father's daughter. love and miss ya dad.

time to return to real life...

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