28 August 2012

missing u


today is my dad's 71st birthday. however, he has long since passed on.

i was wondering y i was so blah today. then i saw the day on the calendar. August 28th.
it has been a long time since i was able to hug my dad, talk to him, call him on the phone, or just laugh with him. the pic in my head right now is him in his workshop creating something using saws, wood, nails, and screws. it is how i remember him. the next pic in my head has him standing at the pulpit, sharing God's Word with the small congregation God had given him. still another pic is of him beaming when i graduated CFNI. he was so very proud of me. he couldn't stop smiling. and the pic i have seen many times at my mom's home, dad looking at my mom while playing with dolphins. i miss him so much. my hubby does not understand. only those who have gone thru similar circumstances as mine can.
the tears aren't as bad as when i first lost him, but they r still there. the pain of losing him has definitely lessened but is still felt. the joy of knowing i will one day soon see him again, brings a smile and quiet joy to my heart and mind.
i love and miss u dad.
until we see each other again...

until next time...

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