22 September 2012

it has been a couple weeks since i posted last and i am happy to say that situations r just as they should be. my youngest daughter's surgical site is healing nicely and doin' very well despite the pain she experiences. my oldest daughter is doin' much better as r my grandchildren. 8) my hubby has healed nicely and is back to riding his bike with full strength. me, i am experiencing life outside of my comfort zone. and u know what? i am liking it. once a week, i have dinner with friends on Thursday. and today, i am goin' to visiting of those that need a little help. i'll be doin that every other week. 8)
there isn't much goin' on other than that. i am still in the process of scaling back the "things" in the house. it takes time cuz i might "need" it in the near future. yeah right! so i have to let it go and let someone else put it to good use.

one thing that bothered me this mornin' was when hubby read about how Chic-Fil-A backed down just so they could build a restaurant in chicago. and the pressure didn't come from the people. the pressure came from government. guess my business won't be goin' to Chick-Fil-A cuz they decided to lessen themselves and bow to a Godless government that is telling them how to run their business. besides, i make better meals here at home. and it's just the way i want it.

until next time...

09 September 2012

there r so many things goin' thru my head right now, i don't know where to begin.
so i will begin here:
God is good. God is in control. God can see me thru everything and anything. and right now, i need Him to see me thru a situation here at home. the first and best thing i can do is ask God to handle it. and as God is handling it, he shows me how to handle the different feelings, frustrations, and happenings that occur. i know that God is fully capable of taking care of the situation here at home. and u know, i believe He will. God will give me exactly what i need when i need it. i will take this opportunity and find the joy that God is showing me thru this situation. i will look to God's Word for wisdom and strength as i walk thru this.
as stated, it is a situation that involves family. as u r reading this, please lift us up in prayer.
the other things goin' thru my head r what can i do to be ready just in case the worse scenario happens. guess i should do what is written in the above paragraphs, eh?
this past week was a real challenge. first my daughter's biopsy came back negative. this past friday, she had it removed. she's doin' quite well aside from the pain. the scar will be minimal, which is good. on monday evening before my daughter's surgery, my hubby came off his bicycle while out riding. fortunately, he was wearing a helmet but still experienced a concussion. as he was coming down from flying thru the air, he hit his leg on the crossbar of the bike. he got a bruise from the handle bars on the lower thigh. his lower leg slapped the crossbar and it swelled up really big. we thought he might have cracked it but it wasn't. and no DVTs were found. and now, his leg is back to normal. thank u God!
and now, it brings me to right now. i am typing this with my oldest daughter lounging on the loveseat, youngest daughter in the kitchen drawing on a "purple chicken" for my granddaughter, and my grandson kissing his mommy. WOW! i am blessed! so i guess everything is as it should be right now.

until next time...