22 September 2012

it has been a couple weeks since i posted last and i am happy to say that situations r just as they should be. my youngest daughter's surgical site is healing nicely and doin' very well despite the pain she experiences. my oldest daughter is doin' much better as r my grandchildren. 8) my hubby has healed nicely and is back to riding his bike with full strength. me, i am experiencing life outside of my comfort zone. and u know what? i am liking it. once a week, i have dinner with friends on Thursday. and today, i am goin' to visiting of those that need a little help. i'll be doin that every other week. 8)
there isn't much goin' on other than that. i am still in the process of scaling back the "things" in the house. it takes time cuz i might "need" it in the near future. yeah right! so i have to let it go and let someone else put it to good use.

one thing that bothered me this mornin' was when hubby read about how Chic-Fil-A backed down just so they could build a restaurant in chicago. and the pressure didn't come from the people. the pressure came from government. guess my business won't be goin' to Chick-Fil-A cuz they decided to lessen themselves and bow to a Godless government that is telling them how to run their business. besides, i make better meals here at home. and it's just the way i want it.

until next time...

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