03 October 2012

Zwnage~rest in peace

on tuesday, 10.02.2012, i learned that a friend passed away after 2+ yrs of fighting stage 4 colon cancer on 10.01.2012. by the time i knew him he was fighting the cancer that had spread. in the game we played, called FLYFF, he was known as Zwnage. he was one of my guild mates and it was always a good time when he was ingame. he rarely shared about the struggle he was goin' thru, but he definitely shared in making us laugh and smile. many times he just wanted to hang. i really had no idea the reality he was facing but i knew from past experiences with friends that stage 4 cancer is a wait and see game. and every time, the battle was lost. and Z was not gonna break it. he was a nice guy to chat with and tho i only saw the pic of him on skype, i would have enjoyed meeting him.

tuesday was the last day of the 3x exp event on FLYFF. everyone was racing to get as much as they could and i was no exception. my main character, Tawli, had made master and was working on getting as far along as she could. a friend and guildmate logged on in the afternoon, my time, morning for him and told us the news. several of us wondered where Z could be. we knew that he was fighting for his life but he had told everyone that he really wanted to use the event to get to master class; however it was not unusual for him to skip a day or 2 of playing the game. but he was always on skype or the new chat client, ventrillo. monday b4 the event, no one had heard from him. on wednesday, the first day of the 3x exp, still no Z. u see he was gonna help me lvl as he lvl'd. my guildmates had planned it out. they were gonna get me to master and then go as far as they could towards hero. well, i made master all the way up to lvl91 b4 i called it a nite on tuesday. but not a single word from Z was heard during the entire event. cyc, crazy, and me wondered where he could be. we knew Z could pass at any time. cyc even looked him up. nothing. so the weekend passed with still no word on Z. apparently cyc couldn't stop looking, and on monday he found the obit and knew it was Z as they had used the same pic that was on skype. now he knew for sure. Z was gone. such a short life for Z. he was 8 days shy of his 26th birthday. cyc was kind and passed the news to all guildmates and to some of us on skype. the last day to get the most out of the exp event was bittersweet and a bit hollow/empty. i noticed those that normally chat up a storm, were quiet, including me. even tho Z had not been ingame for more than a week, he was chatted about with words of hope but deep down we knew.
the one thing he really wanted to do ingame was make master b4 he died. he came so close but it wasn't to be. his character, Zwnage, will remain in the guild unless a system purge is done. a small memorial to us guildies whom he touched with his laughter and online smile.

rest in peace Z

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