14 January 2013


last nite i went to my group, Voyagers. a group for older adults. very interesting discussion. u can find my notes on nana's web page.. the fellowship was wonderful! i am really enjoying it.

today, i found out that my hubby is being sued over a wreck he was involved in in Nov 2012. we'll see how that pans out. I know God is in control and will take care of the situation. i am resting in Him.

finally started on the alterations my hubby asked me to do on his t-shirts that r now way too big on him. the first one was almost perfect! just a few changes and it should be just right. will complete them on the morrow.

i am beginning to "feel" better about doin' things i want to do. most of the time, i would put aside what i wanted to do to please the other person(s). i am beginning to balance them out and enjoy doin' for me as well as others. i still prefer staying home and playing my games or doin' what i want. but i am venturing out and getting out of my comfort zone and making friends. it feels good to make friends and fellowship with those that believe like me. they help keep me accountable. i like that.

there is so much to do and 24 total hrs in each day to accomplish it. what will u accomplish?

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