24 February 2013

bike ride

today i did my first 26 mile ride with my hubby on the white rock trails.,
we started just a couple miles north of Forest Ln at about 1430 hrs. ken was able to ride at speed but i am still getting my stamina, cadence, and speed up to where i can keep up with him. so, i trailed him most of the day.
after the first 10 miles i stopped and hydrated myself and did so every 5 miles after that. i figured it would be a good pace for me as well as small goals to meet. because of me being a lot slower than my hubby, he was continually checking on me. so glad for the walkie talkies. it saved him from having to backtrack a lot.
i really didn't look at the surroundings much as i was always telling myself to keep goin'. it was quite difficult at times because the wind was very strong, about 15-20 miles with gusts even stronger. i did however take time to look around when i stopped to drink water.
i am so sore right now. my butt is what hurts the most. u see,sitting on the bike seat, even with padding, can be very sore. i have to get what is called a "bikers butt". then it won't be so bad. until then, i suffer with the pain. 8) but it's definitely worth it as i am spending time with my hubby as well as exercising.
i am so tired right now but i feel so good.
after the bike ride, we changed clothes, put the bikes away and went for a good salad at Olive Garden. there we had the all u can eat salad and breadsticks with an appetizer. that's all. it was just perfect!
can't wait to do it again! eventually, i will be able to put on a cargo trailer and go shopping for groceries at our nearby market.. i am so looking forward to that. 8) well, better call it a nite as i am so tired and sore.
until next time....


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