04 February 2013

just thinkin' out loud

had jury duty watch this mornin' but when i called, they said i wasn't needed. i know it is a privilege to serve on a jury but i am so glad i am not chosen. have never sat on a jury b4. to be honest, i'm nervous about it. it's quite a lot holding someone's life in ur hands and giving a judgement on whether they r guilty or not. i prefer to be dismissed.
i have strong feelings about someone breaking the law. it's horrible when it happens, even if it's just stealing a pack of gum. it's wrong. i was raised to obey the law. i have gotten tickets for speeding, making illegal u-turns, and that sort of stuff. in all cases, i have paid the financial penalty. and i really should not have done those things. it sets back examples for my children and grandchildren.
jury duty is a privilege that some people r very capable of handling but i have not ever wanted to be part of one. there is just too much at stake, not only for the ones on trial but the juror themselves. the decision made will be with them forever. i don't know if i can handle that.

in other news... 8)
i turn the big 5 0 tomorrow. i'm amazed i made it to this age. not sure how much wiser i am but i am grateful that God loves me enough to keep me around here to enjoy life, have relationship with Him, my family, friends, and grandkids. it's just amazing at how God has kept me safe all these years.
hubby is doin' well. tho we had a scare this past weekend. but things r being taken care of. it had to do with our house mortgage. he banged open my sewing room door as he was grabbing his chest and said, "we have to get out from under GreenTree. the stuff i read about that company literally scares me."
he tried sleeping but couldn't really well. i mean hubby was white as a ghost. it scared me but all i did was walk over to him, take both his hands, and give him a hug and pray. i kept my fear from coming out by breathing deep and asking Holy Spirit to keep me calm, which He did. hubby was up before the sun on the phone with Texas Lending and talked to an actual person who helped calm him down and asked him to call back after 0800 hrs. after talking at length with Daniel, hubby had calmed down enough to think strait and not shake so much.
i have never seen him so scared about loosing our home.
Daniel sent paperwork that we electronically signed as well print out paperwork that we signed, scanned in, and sent via email on Saturday. once hubby received confirmation that Daniel had the emails, he was even more calm. process is actually started today as banks r closed on weekends for this sort of thing. we should hear something in a few days.
until we physically sign on the dotted line, hubby won't rest.
i can say this tho, thru it all Holy Spirit has kept me calm. His peace is what has helped me handle the situation. i am grateful for the teaching from my mom. there's a song that says, "when i'm scared, i bow my head and pray like my mother does". and that is exactly what i do. i watched her do it so many times as a child, and even now as an adult, i see my mom bow her head and pray no matter where she is. THANKS MOM! 8)

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