09 April 2013


today is a day that is weird.
woke up with a stuffed up head and in a kind of a fog. focusing on anything is not really happening.
supposed to have my bff here but didn't go to bed til 0700 hrs this mornin' even tho she said in skype that she should go back to bed. however, she ended up staying up all nite. 8) i, however, went to bed just b4 midnite. tried to sleep in but couldn't. so, i waited for the time we were supposed to gtg.
decided to text her that my hubby was here and let her know it was ok to cancel today, if she chose to. her hubby texted me back on her phone letting me know what happened. 8) i texted back that is was ok and to let sleep. it is difficult to go "normal" for 2 days when u work at nite. texted her back to let know we would plan for another day.
my hubby is now trying to make me feel better by making sure i am ok and offering to get me anything i might need or want. what thoughtful guy. 8) my head is in a funk and my eyes just want to "zone".
we'll see what happens as this thing progresses.
hubby is finally getting over it.
maybe i'll try to crotchet a bit later on. but not sure. i do want to watch the games this evening. 8)