23 June 2013


what a nice weekend it has been.

the many things that have happened in the past few weeks r many. here goes...

the end of May saw our car half in and half out of the garage due to an small engine overhaul. the engine was removed on Friday, cleaned, parts replaced, and put back together on Saturday. however, one minor or "major" part had broken. the cover for the timing chain. it broke in a place that could not be fixed. the part was ordered on Saturday but would not be here until the next week. so the car engine was put back in the car but not completely reattached. on Wednesday the part arrived and was put on and the engine secured with the mounting bolts. a very good and thorough job was done by my hubby. i really think he enjoys doin' things like that. 8)
in the beginning of June, we took part in a bike rally that u can read all about it in http://myridecannondalesl-4.blogspot.com/ i am very proud of my accomplishment. i am looking forward to another bike rally challenge as soon as hubby is able. the bike is becoming a good outlet to relive stress, "fix problems", and just clear my head and mind. i find myself looking forward to the rides. don't think i don't fight the urge to just sit around, play games, or do my crotchet cuz i do battle that. i'm still in the process of changing my mind set and my wanting to be just plain lazy. i don't always conquer those bad habits i'm trying to break and change. but i am making progress.
hubby is doin' really good considering he had arthroscopc knee surgery 2 days after we rode in the bike rally. the surgeon did an excellent job in repairing the damage of torn meniscus. one of the tears was worse than seen on the MRI. the horizontal tear went from one end to the other. he was quite surprised that hubby did not have a complete knee blowout. after the surgery, he has taken only 3 of the pain meds. and that was due to overdoing the exercises and walking. he had no pain directly after the surgery. he, however, is itching to get back on the bike. but he has been a very good boy and stayed off the bike and even has refrained from doin' his normal walks, tho he does a reduced stress walk. he gets to get back on the bike within the next week or 2 but only light/easy riding. it will be difficult for him to do that but i think he will. will give him a chance to work on his cadence/rhythm and timing. i'm hoping that he will take a midnite ride with me. we'll see. 8)

my bff and i have been able to get together only once so far but tomorrow should be a good day to play a game of cards and have a good time. i'm glad God has returned my bff. i truly missed her. i even tried to find another friend that could replace her but i found no one that could replace her. i am really glad of that. 8)
the church i have been attending has made their move and name change. sadly, the drive is now an hour for me. but i hope to be able to go up there in the near future. the home groups will be my main thing now. and next month, i'll rejoin the Voyager's group. i pray that God will continue to lead Pastor Michael, his wife, Heather, Pastor Chris, and his wife, Melody closer to Him and to a fullness in the power of all God has for them and the new adventure they r leading us on. it is nice to have leadership that is after the very heart of God. thanks Pastor Michael!
that's about it. hope u find all that u seek especially if u seeking the One who can fulfill it.

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  1. Mom, I need prayer. Lessie needs it too... I'll skype you about the details later. Love you :)