10 July 2013


thought i would try to take a ride about this time: 1200 hrs. when i looked outside, the wind was almost nothing but the sun was hot. so i checked the weather here on my laptop.
by the time i would have been ready for my ride, the temp would be in the mid 90's. so i looked to see if riding when the sun is no longer shining would be possible. it is but the humidity will be about 60% or higher. so, what to do. it's more conducive to swimming than riding right now but i don't have a pool i can enjoy. not sure what hubby has planned for tonite. i guess, i will enjoy the A/C and watch the Ranger game i recorded last nite and get some crotcheting done.
be glad when the sun is not so hot outside during the day so i can enjoy it more. but that's Texas for ya. 8)

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