29 July 2013


posted my ride from last nite and i was very pleasantly surprised to see that my average cadence jumped so high. 8) that means my challenge is now to keep it there. that's the real challenge as well as build on it. as i build on it, i will be able to take longer and longer rides. and riding my bike is so relaxing! i love it! shouldn't be long now that i can keep up with my hubby.
i am blessed! i have a husband that loves me!
in the past week or so, we have been gearing up for a camping/trail riding time.
it's been quite fun. even slept in the tent one nite while it was up and airing out. took 45 mins to put up but that will change with practice. and we will do it a couple more times b4 we actually leave. 8) have made sure that all the stuff we have is in good working order and if not, have gotten it fixed. still deciding on what we really want to bring food-wise but we still have plenty of time to make that final decision. the only thing i won't get to practice is cooking on that portable stove. (but maybe i can talk hubby into that. we'll see.)
with all the prep, the closet is empty and is in definite need of cleaning. so... i will be doin' that today b4 the stuff gets tucked back in. there is not much to do really.
in other news, hubby has been released from the doc to do full activity on his left knee. it will take time to get all the ligaments, tendons and such back to normal but this will not inhibit his activity. he is taking it easy as he gets back into full swing with riding his bikes. (hopefully, he'll start riding twice a day on the weekends.) the other nite he awoke suddenly with a very nasty leg cramp. it was so bad that he woke me up with his loud cries of pain. it took a good 30 mins or more for that cramp to release. and he could still feel it in the morning, yesterday. but all is good now.
i am doin' really good. i am planning on having a small craft sale in the next couple of weeks. i am really hoping to sell my blankets and crotcheted roses. this is a big step for me as i have never done something like this. i'm hoping that having a craft sale close to school starting will help. i have been asking God to bless each project. it's up to Him what happens as long as i step out and put hands and feet to it.
well, that's about it.

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