03 July 2013

something to ponder

the longer u hide what u don't want known, the longer it takes to conquer it. no matter what it is.
speaking with a friend, she shared with me about someone that was having trouble showing weakness. this person didn't want to appear weak in her eyes. the problem with that: most of the time, the weakness can be seen. the one trying to hide a weakness ends up showing it.
i, too, have had to learn this lesson. and this lesson is not an easy one to learn. my choices determine what my action. if i choose to "hide" something i don't want others to see, they see it anyway. body language gives it away.
y not just admit u have a weakness? it then becomes less of a problem for u and u can then face it head on. facing weakness head on strengths u overall cuz u learn u can overcome.
but, how can u admit weakness, overcome it, and be strengthened?
in order to admit weakness, u have to recognize it. for those that r Christians, a gentle prompting from Holy Spirit usually gets that done. sometimes Holy Spirit has to use other ways to get our attention but, if we listen to Him, He usually shows us the next step in taking care of it.
the next step is admitting the weakness and the need for help in overcoming it. some call this accountability. when we r accountable to another, we tend to stick with it. asking for help is not a weakness. asking for help is part of the process God uses to help us overcome, learn, and triumph. remember, even Job asked for help. being accountable when in the process of overcoming weakness strengthens one in mind and body. the spirit is strengthened by leaning on God's Word as u go thru the process. when i am in the process of overcoming a weakness, i remember Ps. 51:10: "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me." right now, i working a weakness. my weakness is laziness. when i ask God to renew a right spirit within me, i am letting him know that i'm having trouble with my weakness. i also remember: "i can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me." so many scriptures that encourage me to continue to overcome my weakness.
i am strengthened each time i overcome that weakness, which makes it easier to face the next time it shows up. my spirit is also strengthened because God's Word is now part of my thinking process when the weakness decides to show it's ugly head. u r strengthened each time u overcome weakness.
but u might say, weakness is not always something u need to conquer or overcome. and i say to that, weakness has conquered u.
showing weakness does not mean u r weak, pussy, or push over. it takes strength just to admit any kind of weakness. but in the admission of it, u r already facing it and in the process of overcoming it so that u r strengthened even more. "Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might." when u overcome weakness, u become strong in faith.
only in the strength of God's power can u admit, overcome, and be strengthened in weakness. He is our strength. once we grasp that, our weakness has no power to hold us back.

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