08 August 2013


well, got my floors cleaned today. 8)
am working on getting my stuff ready to sell in a front yard craft sale along with some stuff we no longer need. bike riding is coming along. however, i have not ridden in the past few very hot 100 degree days. am hoping that it will cool off soon to continue riding during the day. however, i am considering a ride well after the sun goes down. we'll see.
there is not much happening right now. i am trying to declutter my home and keep it clean. it's not easy for as i like to hold on to some things.
we r preparing to go on camping trip soon. (hopefully, the money will be there.) still a few things that r a little expensive but once gotten, it's not needed until it needs to be replaced. did a repair job on one of the tents. not a bad job after the inspection by hubby. i'm a bit tenative about doin' things like that. don't want to destroy the thing. but with practice i'm getting pretty good. we will go thru the stuff one more time before we actually go on the trip.

Aug 5th, i wished my oldest daughter a happy birthday. she was born on a Monday morning at 0631 hrs. my water broke around midnite on Sunday nite. hubby was outside messing with the car. we were staying with the Kolb family at that time. we had just moved to Oklahoma in July that year. i called as quietly as i could for him to come in. but he did not want to be bothered. he gets that way when he's trying to fix something. i called a lot louder and the entire house came running. mom kolb calmed me as i was a bit nervous, and she helped me call my parents. i wasn't having any contractions yet. no pain whatsoever in fact. as i dressed, hubby got the car ready by putting a towel on the seat just in case. he gets in to drive and said, "if we get caught speeding, they can follow us to the hospital where they can give me the ticket." so off we went, he went as slow as 55 mph on the road in town then kicked it up to 70, and sometimes higher, slowing only for turns and tight curves. i was still having no contractions or pain. we got to Stillwater Medical and i was admitted. hubby waited for the family to arrive. i was actually able to sleep from about 0130-0530 hrs. with the nurses keepin' an eye on my situation, i rested. around 0545 hrs they decided to get my labor goin' so they induced me with that drug and 45 minutes later a beautiful baby girl lay in my arms.
i was apprehensive but made up my mind that i made the right choice. at 8lbs 9oz, my first child, a girl, was perfect and beautiful. about 8 hrs after her birth, my parents showed. they thought they had plenty of time before their first grandchild made her entrance. they were wrong. 8) but their first grandchild initiated them well, especially my dad. tho the pic is no where to be found, i still remember it. she had just finished lunch, dad wanted to hold her. as he held his first grandchild, she filled her diaper. and it leaked out onto his shirt. a pic was taken. and that is how the first grandchild initiated her granddad. 8)
that memory is so vivid in my mind. it still brings a smile to my face.

in other news:

hubby is doin' good. he is riding the bike more often now, even in the heat.

cleaned the inside of the car out and he fixed a few things that rattled. really nice now. however the rear seat cup holder has to be replaced. no hurry tho, don't use it much right now. now we need to wash the outside of the car. 8)

i am getting my crotchet organized. finishing up the projects i want to sell at a craft sale i'll have in the next few weeks. just a local one right now. working on getting the internet store up. will be a little longer for that as it costs to get set up.

other than that, life is good, relaxing, and exciting. i am blessed.