08 September 2013

poison ivy... not something i have enjoyed.

here's an update since the my last ride blog.

since that ride, i have not ridden the bike due to the pain in my shoulders and the poison ivy that i am dealing with.
it has now been 2 weeks since the bike accident. the pain in the shoulders, bruises, and scratches r healing nicely. the poison ivy however is a different story. the poison ivy has spread and the rash looks worse than it actually is. the rash is finally beginning to dissipate but the little poison ivy bumps seem to continue to spread. i have been keeping the areas clean and all but it don't look like it is goin' away. i am however, a bit concerned cuz there is a patch of it on my left breast that i am carefully taking care of. i am hoping that it don't cause any problems. so far, so good. i have spent most of my days/nites on the couch so i don't spread it to my hubby.
speaking of my hubby, he has been a real trooper thru all this. at times, he's a bit frustrated that he has to spend money on the stuff i need to take care of the poison ivy at times but he does it. hubby has also been accommodating with the TV in the living room. he watches what i want as he don't want me in the bed with this stuff. i have the best hubby in the world. i am blessed to have such a great guy.
here's what i have to do during the day to make sure the poison ivy is taken care of: after waking up, i have to wash each and every area with Dawn dish soap. Dawn neutralizes the poison. then i dab each and every area with rubbing alcohol which helps to dry it out. after the alcohol dries, i put on the anti-itch stuff. i also take an antihistimine that helps greatly. then i stand until the gel stuff is dry enough to put a shirt on. a few hours later, i repeat the alcohol and gel stuff. i can always tell when it's time to re-apply the gel, it starts to peel and itch.
i have not really done much around the house except vacuum and help hubby when i can. it's been quite frustrating. i am hoping that the poison ivy will be gone by next week cuz i am watching the grandkids while their parents go to a Rangers' game. GO RANGERS!!

my crotchet projects r almost ready to sell. i have to finish the gluing the flowers to the stems and putting one blanket together. all of that stuff has been on hold due to the poison ivy. been quite a bummer for me. i have also been off the computer due to the heat this thing generates. it actually irritates the poison ivy on my arms.

to be restricted on most of my favorite activities, has been a real bummer. but hopefully i can start enjoying them soon enough. until then, i will continue on the road to recovery and healing. i miss my bike the most, however. riding the bike is such a relaxing thing to do. i can't wait to ride again.
until next time, keep smiling and praising God. keep ur eyes on the Him and u can conquer all.


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