15 September 2013

update on my poison ivy experience and other stuff

the poison ivy is in complete remission now!

since September 1st, i have been dealing with a very severe (for me) case of poison ivy when i wrecked goin' down an embankment on a trail ride. the past few weeks have been very trying for me. finally on Saturday, i took my first warm shower and used my regular soap. the shower was absolutely wonderful and relaxing. before finishing the shower, i rinsed in cool water to help the pores close, just in case. as i went thru my day watching college football, i checked the areas for any new outbreaks. none happened.
when hubby went for his bike ride, i shaved my legs for the first time in weeks. it has been a full day and no new outbreaks have appeared. i am so happy that i can finally get back to doing everyday things and finally, get back on my bike. i am hoping to get on the bike for a short ride on Monday. we'll see if i can as wet weather is forecasted. i am looking forward to getting back into the riding routine. i have really missed it.
hubby is doin' lots of stuff around the house. seems he is finally motivated to get things done. we have some nice color in the dining room and laundry room. the shelves in the laundry room have also been done. i have the accent wall done in the craft/computer room. he even repaired the washing machine. FINALLY! no more washer overflowing. the next thing he said we'll do is put color in the living room and possibly the other rooms. the master bath was the only room with color. finally getting rid of the sterile feeling walls. now i have to get hubby off the green color. i want the living room to be more soft with browns and what i call a wet sand color. we'll see how all that works out. 8)
as for how i am feeling: i guess the word is tired. i have been sleeping on the couch so i didn't spread it to my hubby as he slept on the bed. tonite, i am gonna get a good nite's sleep as i am finally sleepin' in my bed. my skin still itchy but it's the healing itch that i am dealing with now. the redness is not so noticeable anymore. so hopefully, the outline will soon become less and less until it finally totally disappears.

the patience i have had to exhibit during this time was a lot. i had to be patient with myself and keep a routine of cleaning the skin with Dawn dishwashing liquid in the cooler shower was truly trying. but Holy Spirit was with me thru it all. i am grateful that God continued to help me as i endured the itching, cleansing, and application of anti-itch stuff. believe me, i did not really want to do any of it most of the time. one reason was because my upper chest and shoulders were painful. i didn't want to do anything! lounging was the only thing i really wanted to do. but, i did not do that. i tried to do as much as i could. i stayed away from cooking, crocheting, watching the grandkids, and being outside.
today i watched the grandkids as their parents enjoyed the Rangers game and i cooked a complete dinner. i also finally got the dishes done. it was really nice to enjoy my grandkids and cook again. hopefully, my stamina will build again and i won't be so tired. think a really good nite's sleep will do the trick. 8)

Praise the Lord! i am blessed!

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  1. I'm glad your ivy is going away, mom. I hope it continues to go away :)

    I hope to see ya'll soon :)