08 November 2013

WOW! it's November!

time sure has passed quickly these past few months.
time seems to be moving more quickly these days. at least that's what i think. the summer just seemed to slip away and fade into autumn. and now the temps outside let u know that the summer heat is gone and the cooler weather is in full swing.
don't get me wrong, i really like the cooler temps and all. it's just that TIME seems to be moving faster giving less time to enjoy the changes. time seems to stop when something happens totally unexpected and speed back up after the reality has sunk in. time is something that does not wait for anyone. it keeps moving forward and never backward. time. time can be an ally or it can be an enemy. time really knows no boundaries. time just keeps marching on.
so what i have i done with my time? sadly, not much really. i wake up in the mornin', do my mornin' routine, then daily chores, and maybe some crocheting. but what do i really do with my time? on some days, i just play games or watch videos on my laptop. i often wonder where i would be if in time past, i had made other choices. but that time is in the past. i can't make time stop. i can't turn time backward. time only goes forward. in my mind, i see a different time, a better scenario. but in reality time, my life is as it is. there is nothing i can do about time past. so y did i, for many years, try to go back in time and try to change things when all i did was stop living in real time? my time here, now is what i must live in. this time, i must make the best of.
but how can i make the best of my time when i am usually thinking about myself?
i have spent a lot of time thinking about me. i think about what i want, what i need, and what i would like to have. i have spent time doin' what i want, taking away from other's time, and not using my time wisely. so how can i use my time wisely? how can make my time count for something?
that's a lot to think about. it is also something i can definitely change.
but changing how i make my time count can be challenging. am i up for that challenge?
when i get up in the mornin', i have begun to thank God for the little things He has given me. i thank Him for my hubby and another day to smile and spend time with him. then i do what i want to do as i wake up and try to get motivated for the day. time is so constant, steady, and nonstop. some days i just do nothing with that time and it's lost forever. other days, i get things done and have time to spare. and then there r days i just feel like ... (u fill in the space). i have time that will be used up and i don't understand or know where it went. so i stop. i talk to Daddy. i'm glad He's a good listener. sometimes i hear Him talk to me. but i always know He listens. He takes the time to hear my heart's cry not just my words. the time i take for Him seems small compared to the time He gives me. but i am grateful for the time He shares with me.
there r only 24 hrs in a day. how will i use them? and what kind of surprises will those hours bring?

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