06 December 2013

cold? what do u mean cold?

it is officially very, very, very, very cold here in N. TX. this is highly unusual for this part of the country. the temp is 28 degrees and will likely fall into the high teens or even lower before mornin'. the weathermen r saying the chill could be -10. if u don't know what that means, it means 10 degrees below 0. it is definitely goin' to be a very, very, very, very, very, very cold nite. more wet stuff is due to fall tomorrow thru monday and maybe tuesday with the temps staying below freezing.

the good part of this deep, hard freeze: the bugs r being frozen and killed. :) it should be a lot nicer when the spring returns to our part of the world. that will be good as we have had more than our share of those flying and crawling pests.

the cold wet weather also brings problems for those that have to work, play, or get out and about. in Stillwater, Oklahoma at Boone Pickens Stadium, a game will be played known as Bedlam. it's a very contested game as Oklahoma University plays Oklahoma State University. both universities have formidable football teams. my hubby is a huge OSU Cowboy fan as am i. ORANGE! - POWER! tho the weather will not be a friend to either team, the game will be played. i can only hope that the players, fans, coaches, and ump/refs can stay warm and keep the game moving. GO POKES!

life here in the freeman family household is moving right along. other than doin' our best to stay warm, hubby is doin' well at his new job. he likes the environment and comes home non-stressed. quite nice really. the only thing i DO NOT like is the length of time it takes him to get home. i am crocheting more and making things other than blankets. in fact, i made my first scoodie, scarf-hoodie combo. check out my crochet blog i am in the process of setting up a store to showcase and sell my finished projects. i am excited about doin' something i so enjoy.
our dog Kaylee is not liking the cold but is tolerating it when she has to go outside to do her business. we have lost one trunk of a split redbud tree in the front yard, a few branches from our holly tree. my roses r weighed down with frozen ice. the other plants r also covered with ice. i'm hopin' that the roses can recover for spring. the other trees r holding up but we don't know what will happen if more rain/sleet falls. since God is in charge of creation, i'm hopin' and prayin' that He will take care of them.

well, that's about it for now. 8)


  1. We stocked up on groceries on Friday afternoon so now we are in for the weekend. There will be lots of cooking, knitting, reading and watching movies for us....and keeping warm. Hope you are safe and warm.

    1. we also stocked up on food and water just in case. and i will be doin' a lot of crocheting. need to make a few Christmas gifts. hubby and i will watch the OU v OSU college football game as well. definitely gonna be a weekend of staying inside and warm. 8)