02 November 2014

18-31 October 2014 - a look back

it has been a very interesting 2 wks.

let's start back on the 18th of October.

my mom arrived at 2230 hrs that nite. she was here for her grandson's wedding amd decided to make it a time to visit me and my family a week b4 the wedding. my other siblings and their families would be here later in the week. from the start, it was go, go, go. there was a lot to do in the short time b4 the wedding day.

the first thing we did the 19th of October was have a pizza gathering minus my son-in-law. the next day on the 20th, i took mom down to see my youngest daughter and her family. u see, she has the 3rd great grandchild. my mom then found out that her fourth great grandchild is "in the oven". les made a great lunch for us all and i enjoyed watchin' my mom play with her great grandbaby.

i am very proud of my youngest daughter and her husband. they r doin' quite well in their relationship. quite a nice visit. then, it was back home to go shopping for clothes for me.

apparently, mom had decided that i would get a nice dressy outfit to wear to the wedding. i didn't know about this until she got here. since i am very picky in what i like, i was skeptical about finding what i would be pleased with and not end up giving it away right after the wedding. well, guess what? i found what i liked and plan on keeping it.

we found the outfit in record time, one evening, including the shoes. the accessories were all gotten by the 21st of October. the rest of the week was spent on getting the accessories put together and finished. the last thing i did was make some homemade cookies and holders out of paper plates. mom came up with the idea of covering the holder with purple gift wrap. we then placed the cookies inside and wrapped them individually with clear wrap with purple ties and hearts crocheted. they turned out quite nice. forgot to get pics tho. DOH!!

the rest of my family arrived thursday nite. on friday, my brother and his daughter came for a visit. i had my brother test the cookies i made. they passed the taste test so i knew the cookies would be a hit with the others. it was nice that he made the effort to visit us b4 the wedding. tho he couldn't make it during the day due to other stuff goin on, i was really glad to see him. he test rode both our bikes and we chatted for bit. since it was really late, after midnite now, they said their goodbyes and off they went.


25 OCTOBER 2014
mom and i went to get our hair done and my nails done. we were done by 1430 hrs. getting home we waited on my daughter to help us with our makeup but she was held over at her daughter's cheering. what a bummer! cuz i am not good putting on makeup. don't wear it on a daily basis. in fact, the blush and eye shadow i have is over 10 yrs old. but it was still good. couldn't use the eye shadow cuz i didn't have the color to match what i was wearing so i borrowed my mom's. after we got all prettied up, we headed to Lewisville. with it being a fair piece away, we wanted to leave early enough to find the place, get good parking, and not rush it all. we were able to make it to the destination in plenty of time. we stopped at IHOP for something to drink.
finally, it was time for the wedding.

we arrived at the place and signed the guest book after entering the building. it was all set up for a small, intimate wedding. after hubby returned with our gift, he sat down next to me and we waited. we were asked to turn off all camera phones and cameras as they did not want others taking pics. only the hired photographer would get the wedding pics. i didn't like it but i closed my tablet.

TJ, my nephew, was standing at the front. he looked good all decked out in his tux. a single flower adorned his jacket.

my sister was escorted down the aisle by our brother and walked to a table that had some glasses with sand in them and one that was empty. she poured some into the one that was empty. when she finished, she seated herself. next to come down was the bride's mother. and she looked absolutely stunning. sorry i don't recall her name but i do remember how beautiful she looked. she had what looked to me to be a turquoise-colored dress on. the dress just looked stunning on her. and her hair was perfectly framed around her beautiful face with it pulled to the left side. her hair accessory perfectly matched the dress. she, too, poured some sand into the same container as my sister did. with that completed, the bride's mother went back around to bring her daughter out for all to see. i was sad that Des did not have a father to walk her down the aisle, but when i saw her with her mother, who was beaming from ear to ear, that thought quickly vanished.

with the colors being purple and white, the bridesmaids and maid of honour were beautifully dressed holding a simple flower arrangement. the groomsmen looked smashing in their tuxes.

the wedding party now in place, it was time for the bride to make her entrance. and make an entrance she did. with her mother guiding her at her side, Des made her way from the doors to the last row of chairs. as i watched her, i noticed her face had a glow that enhanced her natural beauty. i then looked at my nephew. he was smiling and had a hard time looking away from her. it seemed his full attention was focused sharply on the woman walking down the aisle to him. i really don't think he saw anyone else. 8)

Des had on a simple white gown that was nicely fit around her figure that flaired out at the mid lower leg. the dress was strapless with a triangular short train made of lace mesh. her flowers were simple and in the same arrangement as the others. to put it simply, Des was simply gorgeous. her hair was done in a tight bun where the veil was placed. the veil was only in the back. there was no from piece to the veil. the mother and daughter looked so beautiful!

now this is where it surprised me. u see, my nephew had written God off a long time ago. and to be honest, his life reflected it. but unbeknowst to me, my nephew made the choice to return to God and his wedding vows reflected his commitment and choice. i had no idea that TJ had made the turn-a-round. i found out later while talking with my sister, that he didn't want to tell people with words but with his actions and choices. so, his vows to his bride were made with Jesus at the center of them. it made me quite happy tho i was skeptical during the wedding. it wasn't until i was able to talk with my sister 2 days later that i was at peace with it.

TJ's vows to Des were founded in God's word and His love. and to be honest, there really was a more peaceful look on his face. one that i had never seen. prayer really does work. 8) i was proud to celebrate the union of TJ and Des that nite. the whole nite was peaceful with lots of joy, fun, and energy. when i would glimpse at my nephew, i saw the peace and change in his face and eyes. i pray that God will always give him the wisdon on how to be the man for Des and for God. i pray that TJ has such a tight and close relationship with Jesus that u can't tell them apart. with that kind of God relationship comes a strong marriage. will always pray for u both.

after the wedding, pics were taken. and once again, no cameras. tho everyone was taking pics of family who were waiting around to be photographed. to be honest, i hate having my pic taken. but that nite, i was happy to take part in the wedding photos.

moving from the place where the wedding took place to the reception area, i felt a bit awkward. but that's ok. i was a bit nervous. but i had no need to be. the atmosphere was light. the attendant was doing a good job getting everyone situated. she really did a great job. all of the wedding staff did an excellent job.

after the wedding party arrived from the photo session, dinner was served. it was a simple dinner and very good. there was a bar for drinks if u wanted some.

hubby got me one glass of wine with the meal. i made it last about 2 hours. he had a couple of drinks through out the evening. and mom had one glass of wine with her meal.

after the dishes were cleared away, it was time for the music and dancing to begin. as is traditional, the bride and groom took the floor for their first dance as husband and wife. then the mother of the groom and groom did their dance. the mother and bride also danced. after those were done, it was time for everyone to join them on the floor. and did people join them! it was great seeing everyone enjoying themselves. even my mom got out there and showed off some moves. a great time was had by all. 8)

below is my favorite pic of the nite. it was spontaneous and turned out perfect. 😊

at about 2230 hrs the bride and groom were sent off on their way. my sister was frantic for some reason. and it wasn't about the wedding or anything connected to it. but she was wanting several of us to join her at the hotel she, audie and andy were staying at. supposedly for some chatting and drinks. but when we arrived, the bar was closed and a few of us were wondering what we were there for. come to find out, a certain person named Andy had a purpose for the gathering.

Audie and Andy have been together for about 4 yrs. Audie has gone thru a lot with her man. Andy is a veteran and that is all i will say on that. apparently, Andy has been planning this for a while. audie loves him dearly and the two really do look good together. they compliment one another well. for all they have been thru, Audie did not see this coming. Andy did a good job hiding this special announcement. only those that needed to know, knew. and i was not one of them.

as we sat around, Andy looked a bit nervous. he tried waiting for my brother and his family but just couldn't wait any longer. looking back, his love was really showing for Audra as well as his nervousness.

with a trembling voice that was barely above a whisper. he fumbled for words as he got down on one knee as he reached into his pocket. as i did my best to lip read, i noticed that Audra was shocked and surprised, had tears in her eyes and was shaking. b4 Andy finished asking, her head nodding yes and her voice, too, was barely above a whisper. it was so touching! and now, the glow on Audra could be seen in the black of nite. she was absolutely glowing with tears in her eyes and the biggest smile that didn't leave her face. for her, that nite was complete. she shared in her brothers joy of marriage and she was now engaged to her best friend.

25 October 2014 was a nite to remember. such a beautiful, peaceful, and joyful nite that celebrated a marriage union and an engagement.

a quiet day for us. no pressing matters to take care of. out of the blue, i get a call from my daughter telling me that her hubby wants to come over for a visit. of course! i would never deny them a visit with my mom. should have gotten a pic but i didn't think of it until they were leaving. oh well. the visit was short but nice. the grandkids enjoyed playing as always. for some reason, papaw is a good playmate. they enjoy playing with him.
as i look back, i saw a quiet difference in my son-in-law. i'm praying!!!

on monday, 27th of October, mom had to be at the airport. so i got up early to ride with hubby to work and then take mom to the airport after we enjoyed breakfast at IHOP. got her there just in time. the traffic was thick as usual that early in the mornin'.

after dropping her off, i met my sister at her hotel and we chatted for a few hours. quite a nice visit. i truly enjoyed the time we spent together. she shared with me how TJ had gotten saved and wanted people to see the change in his life thru action and commitment. she chatted about her new place of employment and the town she now lives. looking forward to seeing it. just b4 it was time for her to get to the airport, we went for lunch at Denny's, her treat. after dropping her off at the airport, i headed back to get hubby from work.

after leaving the airport, the drive was fairly quick. the trouble? i took a left instead of a right after exiting the highway. had i gone right at the light, i would have been at hubby's work at 1600 hrs. instead i took a left and ended up in Frisco. after turning around, i made it to hubby at about 1700 hrs. he was sitting outside on the curb waiting for me. i felt like a heel. but he said it was ok as i apologized.

31 OCTOBER 2014
without goin' into detail, my oldest daughter's marriage had been experiencing really tough times. but on this nite, u couldn't tell.

normally, it's just my oldest daughter and her kids that make the rounds in the neighbourhood for candy. this time, it was the whole family! 8) and my granddaughter's bff and brother had come along. their car was parked in front of our house. i really didn't know they were here until they knocked on the door, which we didn't answer. my son-in-law then knocked on my window where i was playing on the computer. had them enter the gate and come in. apparently, my grandson had an accident. after all entered, grandson and father went into the bathroom to clean up. all the kids had pumpkins full of candy. after they were finished in the bathroom, grandson and father joined everyone in the living room. it was quite loud here with the kids squealing about their candy and my daughter trying to keep their dad from stealing it. 8) i remember those days when my dad would walk in and do his best to take all the good candy. 8) when my grandson got his pumpkin full of candy once again, he started giving it away. i got some and so did daddy. my hubby chose not to accept any as he can't have that kind cuz it's made with cow's milk and other stuff he has trouble with. so the rest of us enjoyed the free candy. my granddaughter also shared one small snickers candy with me. 8)

i noticed one thing that was missing for a sometime in my daughter's family and that was a husband/father that participated. i saw my son-in-law participating with his wife and children. it was really nice to see.

17 October 2014

hhmmmm wondering...

what do u do when someome says they won't forget but when it comes time to do what they said they will do, nothing happens?

i have experienced that many times. and, i know that i have done the same to others. it's not easy to keep ur word sometimes. i understand that. but when others don't bother to let u know, it can be challenging when u have to speak with them again. for me, i wonder if i have done something to make them not want to remember or keep their word. was it something i did? what did i do to make u not want to do what u said u would do?

today, a friend was supposed to come over. i wanted to share some stuff i had made and wanted to do a bit of baking as well. but when it was time for them to be here, no one came to my door. then i heard a car door and thought, "maybe they didn't forget." i was excited as i jumped up from my chair to look out the window. but the one walking up my walk was not who i thought it was. my heart sank. as i walked to the door, i had to change my sadness to 'it's ok' so i could greet who was at the door with a smile. but my sadness returned when they left. 

what did i do? i don't have a vehicle to go and bring anyone to my house. and what i wanted to share i can't share riding my bike. as i was putting the bread ingredients together, I verbally forgave that person. i will always forgive them but the hurt takes a little longer to deal with. i will always pray for my friend. hoping against hope that one day they understand how important it is to do what they say. 

but there is another part to this. i have to be willing to keep that door open to the other. because i still struggle with rejection, it takes me a little while to adjust. but in the end, God's love wins out. without God stretching out His arms to me, i would not be here. so, i allow God to heal the hurt and then to open my arms once again. the memory of what the other did is still there but, i give Hope a try again and again. i have to. God has yet to give up on me. so what gives me the right to give up on others? i do, however, put quite a bit of time between tries but that's because God is still working on me.

until next time...

31 July 2014


Kaylee is gone. she was my husband's dog. all we can figure is she had internal bleeding. very difficult to get blood pressure and x-ray showed a mass in abdomen. hubby is hurting but should be ok. she tried to fight but her body wouldn't follow what her mind told it to do. i now have a truly empty nest.

we got Kaylee January 15, 2001 at 6 weeks. as i drove the truck home, Kaylee was laying on my hubby's chest peacefully. that is when the bond was made. she was a quick learner and trained fast. in no time, hubby had her catching frisbees as she lept about 6 feet into the air. and we saw many surprised people as she played frisbee. many a time we heard comments of praise in how well she was trained. only we didn't really train her. it was natural for her as she so enjoyed playing with her dad. 

this pic is Kaylee playing with my granddaughter about 5 yrs ago. not only did she love playing frisbee, but playing ball was just as fun for her. she tried pushing the ball with her nose so as not to hurt the baby. she was very good about being gentle when playing with children.

as Kaylee grew, u could see the bond she had with my hubby.  even tho, i was home most of the time, she seemed to tolerate me cuz when her daddy was home, she kept as close to him as she could. she was his and she made sure we knew it. :) the years passed by and she continued to be just as loyal as when she was laying on his chest during the drive home. she had chosen him and was his to the end. 

the past few months we noticed Kaylee slowing down. hubby attributed it her age. little did we know, something more was going on. she had begun to cough more frequently and when i mentioned it to my hubby, he siad it was a hairball. i let it go at that. but kept watching. i would hear her cough while in my craft room during the day. i also noticed that she was resting more and more and sleeping. and then yesterday, she lay on the floor and hardly moved, even when i walked by. but i didn't think anything of it. she acted normal and all. when i went to check the mail, she followed me and was energetic. 

July 31,2014

hubby said she was fine this morning when he let her out. when i went to kitchen to take my vitamins and supplements, she was not at the patio door as usual. i thought nothing of it. when i went back out to start my chores, Kayle was laying in front of patio door. when i spoke to her, "Kaylee, u pooped on my rug." she made no movement nor did she acknowledge me. when i went to touch her leg with my foot, there was no response. when i shook her, she made a small acknowledgement but was very stiff. her breathing was rapid. as i continued to shake her gently all the while calling her name, "Kaylee! Kaylee! i got very little response. it looked like she tried to get up but was unable to then she went stiff again.

gathering myself thru the tears, i called my hubby. i got dressed as i called my daughter to come get me and take Kaylee and me to vet. i grabbed my tablet and took pics of the poop and throw up b4 gathering it up in paper towels and placing it into a ziploc bag. 

our vet was not in office at time of our arrival so they sent us over to another place. the same one that treated Brahka in 2007. when i entered the vet hospital, i said, "EMERGENCY!" they immediately led us to a triage table in back and took care of Kaylee as i stood a short distance away. never once did they ask me to leave. i was very grateful for that. i just kept saying, "hang on Kaylee. daddy is coming." i think Kaylee heard cuz she held on for another 3.5 hrs. hubby made it in record time from N Plano. i finally relaxed with him there. i saw on his face the sadness, and the tears had already been falling quietly. an x-ray was scheduled and blood drawn, tho that was hard to get. the doc kept asking if she had gotten into anything. i kept telling them there was nothing she could have gotten into. finally we went home to check and just as we were about to pull out of the garage to return to vet hospital, they called with the results of the blood work. nothing was found to explain why she was nuerologically symptomatic. after returning to vet hospital the doc explained the x-ray pics. a mass was clearly evident in area of uterus/ovaries. unbeknown to us as she checked out good on her check up about 3 months ago. the mass looked to be the size of a small orange to me. but seeing it, i knew Kaylee would not be coming home with us anymore. the vet explained that unless Kaylee stabilized, surgery was out of the question. we returned to the table she was laying on with all the tubes she was hooked up to. the nurse was constantly dealing with the blood pressure machine cuz it wasn't registering.  at time of x-ray, no leakage could be seen. about half an hour later blood would flow from her backside and she would cough a few times with nothing coming out. then about 1400 hrs, more blood from backside and blood from nose. this was the sign that told us what had to be done. her mind wanted to fight but her body was shutting down. hubby and i came to the conclusion she was hemorrhaging internally. i had already figure that out when they could not get a blood pressure reading. i knew long b4 hubby arrived, this was goodbye. but that knowledge made it no easier. the one pic in my head was the day i drove the truck home and Kaylee was contentedly and peacefully laying on my hubby's chest. i knew how hard it would be for him to say goodbye and give the word to stop her suffering.

saying goodbye in pics:

a very special dog now in no more pain. however, a very large hole is left within both my hubby and me.  both our pups r now gone. 

Brahka & Kaylee
we miss u both.

09 January 2014


choices... with choices come consequences... make the right choice and the consequences of that right choice can be uplifting, satisfying, and strengthening. make the wrong choice and the consequences of that wrong choice can be downtrodden, dissatisfying, and weakening.

choices not only affect the one making the choice but everyone around them, whether they see it or not.

choices that make one strong r not usually the easiest to follow. struggles and trials accompany the right choice. but the right choice always brings strength in oneself that is fulfilling and gives a sense of pride in oneself that can be built upon. it also has a ripple effect that others see and can draw from giving them hope.

choices that make one weak seem to be easier with less struggle and trials accompanying it. "smooth sailing" so they say. but is is really "smooth sailing"? making the choice to be weakened by giving up the "so-called struggles and trials" of the right choice really is NOT "smooth sailing".

choosing to take the "easy way out" is not the easy way. in the long run, it's the hardest and most difficult way to go. making the strong choice or weak choice will affect u the rest of ur life as it does those around u. u see, choices don't only affect u. they affect everyone and everything around u.

having a conversation with someone, i found this to be quite enlightening:
We don't go to bed angry - or even upset... because we both know we can't stay mad at each other... I'm pretty sure a day will come when we fight and are really angry but I am praying that it will not come until we are set completely in our ways of NOT letting our anger last the night...

It may take a while, but we both don't go to bed angry... I love that. Because I may be upset, laying next to him but the moment he wraps his arms around me and snuggles up to me, I melt and can't help but forgive anything that's upset me and we both just let it go.

I know I've never been married before, I know this will be an interesting ride, but I am glad God has given me the wisdom he has... because without it, I know I'd probably be somewhere very unhappy.

So if anything, I want that for her too. I want her to have that same foundation of love and respect we have... For her to wake up next to the man God chose for her, to be greeted with a kiss or a hug every morning and when he returns from working, to be called on the phone on his breaks or before he comes home from work to let her know he's on his way, to cuddle up together to watch a movie and enjoy the warmth of his strong arms around her, to feel safe in his hold, to love the scent of her man no matter what time of day or night, to be reflected in his eyes when she looks into his... all these things and thousands more, I want for her - she really does deserve to be loved like that... to be cherished as my guy cherishes me, and yours cherishes you. To be able to be vulnerable while she leans on her man for support, to be able to go to the store together and have him worry about HER even when he's the one carrying everything (For goodness sake!)...

The kids deserve to have a dad who will cheer them on, coach them in life lessons, be willing to play with them even if they are weary or tired from working all day, to help them with their studies, to stand by them when they've fallen or to defend them when they are under attack, to play catch even though he's made plans, to love them as they should be loved.

I know my man is older than her man, but I think because my man has sought God in a fashion... I'm not saying it's perfect, but God and Les are working to better himself every day - I believe her man could be a better husband, and father if he'd just "let go and Let God" when it came to the struggles - I mean, my man still struggles with that even, but in the end, he lets go... he lets God do what he does, and in the end, it makes my man more of the man he is. If her man could do that, I believe things could work out.
I really want happiness for them. For the kids too. With so many marriages ending so soon and so horribly... it's a wonder there are any marriages left in the world... but I don't want to see her become another statistic case... or see her man become another dead beat dad... I want to see them come together especially at this point... because this, their 6th year together - a milestone of 5 yrs has passed - and to me that's a wonderful feat!

Most marriages are statistically lasting less than 10 yrs nowadays - and I would love to see them beat that! The benefits would be wonderful and the rewards for lasting even just 10 years is amazing! I mean, look at y'all's marriage?! 29 yrs this year! That's a wonderful undertaking! I'm very proud of ya'll and I love to brag about couples beating the world's view of marriage to a pulp!

I hope we will last just as long if not longer! So I am enjoying every moment, every small second with my man as much as I can - even though I'm a hormonally challenged woman right now, I still try not to over react... (yeah.... I do that a lot nowadays)... but my man continually reassures me, always telling me it's ok or we'll make it through this, or whatever the case may be...

She is trying in her marriage - this I know for sure, I can't really judge on her man because I am not around enough to see the relationship status of either of them. But I know that she can be very stubborn, very arrogant, and very hard to be around at times - but if he's made it this long with her; then my question is this... why back out now? That's 7 years down the drain for both of them... 2 years they were together before hand, 5 years of marriage... Why suddenly throw 7 years down the drain?
also, if her man just married her because of the kids... another thought comes to mind...

What about the kids now? The kids are still young, they still need their father's involvement and they still need a father's presence in their life... I mean, if he married her for the kids' sake... then why would he walk out on his kids NOW of all times?

I can understand if he leaves (Lord forbid) after the kids are grown and out on their own - ok, sure if that was the reason he stayed, then he showed his kids that taking responsibility for your actions is the right thing to do... true. However, if he leaves now, he's basically telling his kids the opposite... That you don't have to take responsibility, that taking the easy way is ok, that avoiding the struggles in a marriage is ok, and that leaving a woman/man with two kids is alright.

Basically he'd be showing them that he's a coward and low life that can't take a little pressure... Which will then reflect onto his SON... think about that?! their boy is still very young, very impressionable and very much like his father... so if her man walks out - what example does that leave their boy?
their daughter, she's still a young woman, who needs her dad around for the fatherly support... What example is he showing her, by leaving? That men aren't worth it, that all men are going to leave no matter how hard you try to keep them, that men just use women to get something but give nothing in return and leave when the going gets tough? That men are cowards?

her man has more than just his own life to think about - he has to think about those kids' lives too - if he really does love them, and if he really did care, he'd at least stick it out until they were on their own with their own lives to live - AT THE VERY LEAST! Because then at least they'd have their father in the picture, they'd have that example of taking responsibility for their actions... They also wont have that identity crises and those years of wondering, questioning, or seeking for something.

So if her man married her for the kids' sake... Then what's he showing them, by walking out now?
That's my take on it...
now if she had done wrong and cheated or was the one messing around on the side, I can see him taking this step... and I wouldn't be upset at him for it, but I don't believe she has done that wrong, or dishonored him in any way that would qualify for him leaving her in that fashion.

The bible simply states that the only reason a man/woman is to divorce is because of Marriage infidelity. --- yes I know that's a bit historical even in the biblical sense, but I hold true to that... I believe that whole heartedly.
Simply because marriage is a sacred thing, between one man and one woman.

However, as you have stated, her man has chosen not to follow God in this - so his choice is worldly viewed as OK ... or "it's ok to leave no matter what, because marriage is not binding or life long" as the world views it... Or "Those vows you took at the alter are just words, they mean nothing if you aren't happy." Well if those words mean nothing to her man... then by all means, get away from her and her kids - She deserves someone who KNOWS the power of those promised words and the fact they are BINDING...

If her man leaves, I wish him blessing and I wish him well. Because obviously, he was not the man she needed in her life - and God has someone better out there who will cherish her and those kids. I don't want him to leave, but if God is breaking this apart, which I hope not, then let God do his work in both of them.

Let God's will be done. her man will find that being single is fun for a time - but he will see what he's lost - because he doesn't know the blessings he has now... and the saying is so true "You never know what you have until it's gone"... So, either way, I wish her and those kids blessings and love. I wish her man, no matter his choice, blessings - because God will deal with him in his own time and way.
i tried to put my thoughts into words on this as well but found it difficult. i found that choices were made by the once sharing. those choices weren't always the right ones but the consequences were changed when the right choice was made.

so the questions i have for those facing this same kind of situation is:
what choice will u make? have u thoroughly thought thru, prayed and sought God on that choice? have u considered the affect it will have, if married, on each member of the family? have u considered how u will proceed as u make that choice? by that i mean, if kids r involved, where the kids will live, how will they be taken care of when the parent is at work, how will they get to and from school and activities, and how often will they see the other parent? so much more is also involved. so choices, right or wrong, affect more than just the one making the choice.

as stated above, God should be consulted and sought in all situations. but when one does not seek out God and follows their own way, chaos and strife r very prevelant. and the reactions from the children can be very strong even when parents do not speak. children feel the tension and strife in the home. they act out their frustrations and don't really understand it. but when there is peace in the environment the child lives in, a child is less stressed and can be a child doin' what kids normally do, like bugging the tar out of their sibling and just getting into everything as the child learns right from wrong.
choices have so many scenarios that one should not make them in haste. choices should be thought about, prayed about, and then made. choices affect so many more than just the one making the choice.

don't u think choices should be made carefully?

what choice will u make?

until next time...