31 July 2014


Kaylee is gone. she was my husband's dog. all we can figure is she had internal bleeding. very difficult to get blood pressure and x-ray showed a mass in abdomen. hubby is hurting but should be ok. she tried to fight but her body wouldn't follow what her mind told it to do. i now have a truly empty nest.

we got Kaylee January 15, 2001 at 6 weeks. as i drove the truck home, Kaylee was laying on my hubby's chest peacefully. that is when the bond was made. she was a quick learner and trained fast. in no time, hubby had her catching frisbees as she lept about 6 feet into the air. and we saw many surprised people as she played frisbee. many a time we heard comments of praise in how well she was trained. only we didn't really train her. it was natural for her as she so enjoyed playing with her dad. 

this pic is Kaylee playing with my granddaughter about 5 yrs ago. not only did she love playing frisbee, but playing ball was just as fun for her. she tried pushing the ball with her nose so as not to hurt the baby. she was very good about being gentle when playing with children.

as Kaylee grew, u could see the bond she had with my hubby.  even tho, i was home most of the time, she seemed to tolerate me cuz when her daddy was home, she kept as close to him as she could. she was his and she made sure we knew it. :) the years passed by and she continued to be just as loyal as when she was laying on his chest during the drive home. she had chosen him and was his to the end. 

the past few months we noticed Kaylee slowing down. hubby attributed it her age. little did we know, something more was going on. she had begun to cough more frequently and when i mentioned it to my hubby, he siad it was a hairball. i let it go at that. but kept watching. i would hear her cough while in my craft room during the day. i also noticed that she was resting more and more and sleeping. and then yesterday, she lay on the floor and hardly moved, even when i walked by. but i didn't think anything of it. she acted normal and all. when i went to check the mail, she followed me and was energetic. 

July 31,2014

hubby said she was fine this morning when he let her out. when i went to kitchen to take my vitamins and supplements, she was not at the patio door as usual. i thought nothing of it. when i went back out to start my chores, Kayle was laying in front of patio door. when i spoke to her, "Kaylee, u pooped on my rug." she made no movement nor did she acknowledge me. when i went to touch her leg with my foot, there was no response. when i shook her, she made a small acknowledgement but was very stiff. her breathing was rapid. as i continued to shake her gently all the while calling her name, "Kaylee! Kaylee! i got very little response. it looked like she tried to get up but was unable to then she went stiff again.

gathering myself thru the tears, i called my hubby. i got dressed as i called my daughter to come get me and take Kaylee and me to vet. i grabbed my tablet and took pics of the poop and throw up b4 gathering it up in paper towels and placing it into a ziploc bag. 

our vet was not in office at time of our arrival so they sent us over to another place. the same one that treated Brahka in 2007. when i entered the vet hospital, i said, "EMERGENCY!" they immediately led us to a triage table in back and took care of Kaylee as i stood a short distance away. never once did they ask me to leave. i was very grateful for that. i just kept saying, "hang on Kaylee. daddy is coming." i think Kaylee heard cuz she held on for another 3.5 hrs. hubby made it in record time from N Plano. i finally relaxed with him there. i saw on his face the sadness, and the tears had already been falling quietly. an x-ray was scheduled and blood drawn, tho that was hard to get. the doc kept asking if she had gotten into anything. i kept telling them there was nothing she could have gotten into. finally we went home to check and just as we were about to pull out of the garage to return to vet hospital, they called with the results of the blood work. nothing was found to explain why she was nuerologically symptomatic. after returning to vet hospital the doc explained the x-ray pics. a mass was clearly evident in area of uterus/ovaries. unbeknown to us as she checked out good on her check up about 3 months ago. the mass looked to be the size of a small orange to me. but seeing it, i knew Kaylee would not be coming home with us anymore. the vet explained that unless Kaylee stabilized, surgery was out of the question. we returned to the table she was laying on with all the tubes she was hooked up to. the nurse was constantly dealing with the blood pressure machine cuz it wasn't registering.  at time of x-ray, no leakage could be seen. about half an hour later blood would flow from her backside and she would cough a few times with nothing coming out. then about 1400 hrs, more blood from backside and blood from nose. this was the sign that told us what had to be done. her mind wanted to fight but her body was shutting down. hubby and i came to the conclusion she was hemorrhaging internally. i had already figure that out when they could not get a blood pressure reading. i knew long b4 hubby arrived, this was goodbye. but that knowledge made it no easier. the one pic in my head was the day i drove the truck home and Kaylee was contentedly and peacefully laying on my hubby's chest. i knew how hard it would be for him to say goodbye and give the word to stop her suffering.

saying goodbye in pics:

a very special dog now in no more pain. however, a very large hole is left within both my hubby and me.  both our pups r now gone. 

Brahka & Kaylee
we miss u both.