01 February 2015

IT IS WRITTEN... a very interesting point

this mornin' my hubby came in to the room i was sitting and crocheting.

he said that sometimes God just speaks to ya in strange ways. this mornin' he was listenin' to Charles Stanley who was sharing about how Jesus handled the the devil while he was in the desert those 40 days. this is what i understood from what my hubby said.

hubby said that we lose the battle every time we respond to what the devil is saying. Jesus always responded with "it is written". that is how we r to respond when the devil speaks to us. most of the time we don't, we engage in a discussion with the devil. as soon as we engage in that discussion, we have lost the discussion. the way hubby put it is like this: u engage in a discussion between one or more people because 1) u have a valid point, or 2) the other person(s) have a valid point. the devil does not have a valid point in the life of one that has accepted Jesus. Jesus is our valid point. we do not need to discuss that point with the devil in any way, shape or form. "IT IS WRITTEN" is all we need to say to the devil. speaking the written WORD of GOD answers all of the devil's questions, allegations, and assumptions. the WRITTEN WORD of GOD is ENOUGH.

so the next time the devil comes to u or at u, speak the WRITTEN WORD of GOD. God's word will shut the devil up real fast. after u speak God's word, remove yourself from that thinking and walk in God's word. that is how u win the battle when the devil tries to make dialogue with u. it really is a mind thing. walking with the knowledge of the written word of God is different from living the written word of God. the devil has knowledge of God's word, but the devil does not live the word of God. the key to living the WORD of GOD is spending time with God every day as u would a neighbor or friend or family member.

sadly, i do not do this every day. and spending time with God every day strengthens the bond and the relationship between u and God. i know when i spend time with God, my mind is strengthened, my soul is strengthened, and so is my body. i have a better day and am a better person towards other people.

i'll tell u this, i have a good relationship with God, the Father. but if i were to spend time every day with Him, my good relationship with God would be more solid, stronger. spending time with those u love gives a feeling of security and strength. i want that feeling of security and strength in my relationship with God, the Father. Jesus is my best friend. no other has ever stood with me longer than Him. i'm sure there r others that can say the same thing. Jesus is the reason i am still here. Jesus is the reason i can still wake up every day and live. Jesus is the reason i can show others kindness. Jesus is the reason i can give comfort to those who need it.

what can u say Jesus is the reason for in your life?

with Jesus being the reason, u can speak to the devil these words, "IT IS WRITTEN" just as Jesus did when he faced the devil in the desert so long ago. don't be afraid to stand on God's word. God's word still has the same power as it had back then. that is something no other written word can say.

so, what will your next response be when the devil wants to dialogue or argue with u.