16 November 2015


to all those praying for us and our situation, THANK U! 
as of this post, there is nothing new to share. we r in a holding pattern right now.
hubby is, however, doing well at his job and is growing deeper in the Lord Jesus. i, too, am growing in my relationship with Daddy. He has been strengthening, calming, teaching, and blessing us thru all of this.
i have found a strength from within that is sustaining me as well as drawing me closer to Jesus. there is so much i am discovering about me. i have walked thru many emotions since this trial has begun. each time, Holy Spirit draws me back to Daddy. has it been easy or "a piece of cake"? NOT ON YOUR LIFE! it has been a struggle for me.
not only am i dealing with this "sword" over our heads but also with a thyroid issue. i am not yet balanced out. and my issue is not only with the thyroid but the many different things that come with being an aging female.
i find myself turning to Daddy many times during the day just to get thru the day and get something accomplished. i find that helps a lot.
hubby is diving into God's word like there is no tomorrow. i love hearing about what God is revealing to him. i also enjoy listening to him share what he is getting out of God's word. it is beginning to show in his life. 😊
sometimes, i see a sparkle in Ken's eye that warms me. he has grown so much in the last few months. it's awesome to see Ken really rest in God's hands or on His lap. Ken has trusted God a long time but, it is only recently that i have noticed a much deeper walk with a change of heart in some long closed doors. it is good to see healing in those closed off places. i pray that God continues the good work He is doing within Ken until the end.

please continue praying for the situation u r walking thru. i, myself, will continue praying not only for that but for those who r praying for us, even if i don't know who u r, God does.
again, THANK U for your continued prayers. they really do make a difference.

until next time...

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