20 December 2015

the ongoing situation... we fight!

just heard from hubby: we fight! do not know when we face trial. i do know that God is in control. Psalm 27 has become my prayer. this fight will not only be fought in court but on our knees.

please continue to pray not only for situation but that God provides the finances. as u can imagine, it can get expensive. ken and i r getting house done just in case we have to sell it. hubby has a job that God gave him last January. and to be honest, it's the perfect job for him. 

the situation that has created a chasm in my family is ongoing.

in late November, we learned a few new things in our journey. those that know of our situation have shared encouraging things with me. i am encouraged by the support i have gotten from family and friends.

Psalm 27 has become a scripture i read regularly. v14-Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. i am learning what it means to wait on the Lord in a situation that is nerve racking. i have to remind myself that God is in control and has it all in hand. He is taking care of this situation. i only need to let Him do His thing and be ready to step out when He says move. there is much to learn and i am doin' my best to listen and learn.

i must admit, that not seeing my granddaughter and grandson is hard. their mother has chosen to stay out of our lives. i find myself looking out the window from my craft room to see if she has stopped by. the pain of this is deep. the emptiness is indescribable. the fact that my daughter has caused this chasm in our family is hurtful. there r so many questions i have within me. but the one i want to ask the most is "WHY?" but i don't think i will ever find out why.

on the other side of this situation, my youngest daughter has stepped up to help me in any way she can. i so appreciate it. i am so grateful for the help in just including me in her life and sharing the little things my grandchildren do. her husband also includes me. he is a giant gentle bear. tho he is a bit loud at times, he is so respectful of me and my hubby.

this past friday, i had a new experience. it was nerve racking but i'm glad i did it. i can only hope that the decision made is one i can live with. the answer we seek will be given early this week. i am holding on to God's promise.

until next time...