20 January 2016

pain but good

well, i have been doing better. the pain that started on Sunday nite has focused into right abdomen area. it is acting like a stone in my kidney. my hubby, ken, has kept a close eye on me. 

the pain has subsided but still lingers with sharpness every so often. enough pain to make me stop and have to either take a deep breath or hold it for a bit. i have been stretching and cleansing myself.

hubby has made sure to check on me and help me thru this. hopefully it all goes away soon. i really don't want to go to hospital.

during the time of Sunday evening when the pain first began, i called on the Lord to help me. my abdomen was so hard and i wanted to throw up. but i don't like throwing up so i didn't. i also could not relieve the pain by going. so i walked my hallway in hopes that it would help move whatever was causing this severe pain. 

about an hour after ken went to bed, a thought came to me that this could be my appendix. i woke ken and asked if he remembered what he went thru last March. he then questioned me and checked if i had a fever. he then fixed me epsom salt and water. he gave it to me and i drank it a little at a time. not long after finishing it, i was able to relieve most of the discomfort. however, the pain had now localized on my right side.

finally able to lay down, i fell asleep.

since ken was fighting a cold, he took a sick day on Monday. i stayed in bed. i did a little moving about but mostly stayed in bed. hubby kept a careful eye on me and made sure i was good. he also had me drink epsom salt and water again. the sharpness of the pain had diminished significantly. i would be reminded of pain when i laid on my right or bent over. i could still feel it when i breathed deeply. ken gave me some broth in evening.

Tuesday, ken went to work. i stayed in bed most of the day however, i did straighten up the kitchen. i was also able to do a few other things. when hubby got home, he made some broth for me and offered some veggie soup he made. i drank the broth, then asked for a small helping of the soup. i handled it well. by now ken is fully convinced i am not experiencing appendicitis but a kidney stone. me, i don't know. for now my left side has begun to hurt. not as sharp as my right but hurt nonetheless.

all this time, i have called on the Lord to help me. and He has helped. i have a peace that all is taken care of. no matter what i have to walk thru, Jesus is with me. ken is my husband and i trust that God is guiding him as he helps me thru this physical pain. i know God talks to ken and ken does his best to listen and act. my husband has trully become my covering.

i am blessed to have such a man as Ken Freeman. 

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