02 January 2016

WOW!!! down 4 sizes!!!!!

today, hubby and i went out to find a new version of V-C, t-shirts for ken.

well, we found a new and better way to get what we needed without all the extra junk the body don't need. well, we r going with the powder and adding it to our shakes.

then we went to JC Penny's. found his t-shirts and even some new undies. then we went to look and see if i could find 1 or 2 pairs of pants.

it didn't take long b4 i found a nice pair. hubby found the size i needed, a 22. went to try them on and i was surprised to find out that they were really big. the biggest 😀 came onto my face. i went to show hubby and he 😊 as well and went to get me an 18. i tried them on and they fit me in the leg but were still too big in the waist. when i showed hubby the 18's on me, he went and got size 16! i tried them on and showed him with the biggest 😄. just couldn't stop 😄. after purchasing the pants, we treated ourselves to a really good Denny's lunch. hubby had the cranapple salad and i had the avocado ceasar salad. GOOD!!! 👍🏼 

this has been a good day. 😃

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