06 February 2016


thank u Ms Reba for a heartfelt song. this month, February, holds many events for: my birthday, a granddaughter's birthday, a grandson's birthday, my wedding anniversary, and the anniversary of the accident that changed my families life, and valentine's day. in 1997 i lost my dad. but we were on watch from 1979. u see, my dad was a walking miracle cuz God healed him from a massive heart attack. it was caused from smoking 4 packs a day and the stress of life.  in 1978 on the 18th, he watched his family be dragged and fly thru the air before the semi finally came to a stop in the front of accident we had stopped for. we lost one family member that day, my sister Chris.

as i grew up, i was deathly afraid of my dad. no he didn't abuse us but was very stern with the discipline. since i am the oldest, it landed on me quite a bit. my fear of my father caused me to hold back on many things. didn't want the anger. after the accident he realized that he should cherish us more and thus began the change in my dad. tho he was saved a few years before the accident, the change didn't happen until after it.

i grew up scared of daddy but knew he loved me. i never hesitated to go to daddy when i needed to. he was there for me. two years before he died, i wrote him a letter telling him i forgave him for the hurt caused as a child. but b4 we could really get that going, God called him home on December 2, 1997. he was the pastor of Bread of Life Church in Woodland, WA.

the song JUST LIKE THEM HORSES is a good healing song. this song is sung by Reba McEntire. love her voice! grew up listening to country. oh how i wish i could own a horse!

here is link to song