26 February 2016

ongoing situation...

as of 15 February 2016, there is nothing going on in our case right now.

i keep praying that our situation will soon be done but the inactivity over the past 2 months has me stumped. but since God is in control, i rest in Him.

this ongoing journey is really a blind one for us. we have never been part of anything like this in our lives. the one thing we can hold on to is Christ Jesus and God's promises. i have been doing that.

i have also fully released my oldest daughter to God. i pray for her but am no longer holding on to her. she has made her choice. it is up to God to handle her. and like most of us, He's got his hands full.
in the past fews days, i have cried about the loss of our first grandchildren. but until they r of age, they won't be part of our lives. i came to this realization just after my granddaughter's 8th birthday. it came and passed. we could not wish her happy birthday except in our thoughts. it hurt!! even now i have tears and my heart breaks. the same will prolly happen in April when my grandson's 5th(?) birthday comes. but God will get me thru that, i know He will. the pain, hurt, and tears will be close but God has it all in His hands.

hubby is doing ok under the circumstances. he goes to work, comes home, relaxes, and if weather allows, cycles. no, he is not the same. in fact, i have to go to him if i want a hug, a kiss. we no longer pray together. i don't know why. 

on a ☀️ note, i am getting my stuff organized. it is taking a bit longer since the both of us have been sick. so i am taking it all in stride and getting what i can done. it seems that God is using my desire to get things organized to teach me. i'm liking that. God is using my activity to help me grow. God is so cool! :)
i have lost 4 sizes and weigh 191.8lbs now. very happy about that. i intake lots of protein and get my daily supply of fruits and veggies in our protein drink. also make healthy meals and snacks like peanut butter fudge and chocolate mints. will also be making protein bars we can have during the day so the store bought ones can be for cycling.
sadly, i have not been on a bike for 3 weeks. can't wait to get back out there. hopefully the weather will cooperate soon. it is still winter season.

well until next time...❤️

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