31 March 2016

homemade chicken tenders

making chicken tenders for first time along with sweet potatoe fries. 😀 here is a pictorial of what i did. the recipe can be found at allrecipes.com best ever chicken nuggets.

and there u have it! home made chicken tenders made with gluten free 1to1 baking flour.
and here's the taste test...

so my tenders made their mark. they r good.
next time, i tweek the seasoning and coating a bit. 
until next time... enjoy the day!

22 March 2016

ongoing situation

well, it's been awhile since we had news of what's going on with our situation.

late tonite, hubby received a message from our lawyer. we now know y nothing has moved forward in our case. there is no one in DA office to handle anything. apparently all the ASS'T DA'S walked out.
our lawyer asked ken if he should push for a trial. ken responded asking him to ask for a dismissal.

will let u know more when i learn more.

thank u all for praying. please continue praying.

oh brother!

just got back from picking up ken from behind the doc's office.

at 1834 hrs, i received a facetime call from hubby. he blew a rear tire while in a turning steeply. he has superficial injuries for the most part. however, his right shoulder did pop as he landed on his elbow, which took the brunt of the fall.
apparently, as he was in the approach of his turn, the rear tire lost air causing him to go down. the scrapes look bad but r definitely superficial. the crank side of the bike is visibly damaged. the brifters, also, were slightly damaged. and with the wind and he in a turn, i can see how the bike could have handle bar damage.
the good thing? he is gonna be fine. the bad? he has to replace the back derailer, more than likely the brifters, and maybe a rear rim.

we have about one month b4 the first bike rally.