22 March 2016

oh brother!

just got back from picking up ken from behind the doc's office.

at 1834 hrs, i received a facetime call from hubby. he blew a rear tire while in a turning steeply. he has superficial injuries for the most part. however, his right shoulder did pop as he landed on his elbow, which took the brunt of the fall.
apparently, as he was in the approach of his turn, the rear tire lost air causing him to go down. the scrapes look bad but r definitely superficial. the crank side of the bike is visibly damaged. the brifters, also, were slightly damaged. and with the wind and he in a turn, i can see how the bike could have handle bar damage.
the good thing? he is gonna be fine. the bad? he has to replace the back derailer, more than likely the brifters, and maybe a rear rim.

we have about one month b4 the first bike rally.


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  2. Not really all that bad actually. I scraped the right side of the edge of the rims brake path. I can smooth it with some 400 grit Al03 sandpaper. The brifter damage is superficial and limited to the cover plates and a small scratch on the outside of the carbon fiber rear brake panel, which can be smoothed and the with some clear fingernail polish, touched up. Yes, the rear derailleur took the brunt of the damage. I just realigned the hanger but the RD is hosed. As one can imagine when, in a medium speed corner, having a rear tire blow out. Still not sure why yet. Had been in warm up stage and doing ever increasing laps with cornering prior, so it is unclear as I haven't broke down the wheel yet to see.
    As for me, skin grows back.... And a little sore, nothing broken.

  3. not bad at all. hubby is now working his felt f1 and getting things fixed up. will be less expensive as the damage was less than first thought. a small angled piece of derailer twisted as it took the brunt of the fall. the blow out is still under his investigation. but he is still wondering how he made same exact turns and then all of a sudden, the tire blew. only the brifter covers will need to be replaced. came out of this bad fall pretty good.