01 April 2016

update! another grandbaby? definitely! boy or girl?

looks like i may have more blessing coming my way.  otc pregnancy test gives positive about 3-4 weeks along. will know more after her doc app't.

Gabriel just turned 2. Elijah will be 1 in may. in 9 months, possibly, another grandbaby will be celebrated. hhhhmmmmm..... 

the clinic confirmed the pregnancy. my youngest daughter is about 5 weeks and due in early December. yes, i am excited. and my mom will add another great grandbaby to her clan. 😊 will share more when i know more.

doc has confirmed pregnancy. it's officially official. 😃 grandbaby #5 is definitely coming.
please pray for my youngest as she carries this precious cargo. they r wanting a girl. my daughter is extremely overweight, having difficulty walking due to the weight the knees have to carry. she is trying to loose the weight but struggles to keep moving for any length of time. and being pregnant brings its own set of struggles.
love my daughter very much and wish i could help out more but i do not live close enough to help. she has a loving husband and 2 rambunctious little boys. such blessings they r. 😀

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