26 September 2016

gone home

today, we lost a strong warrior, loving father, and teacher at CHRIST FOR THE NATIONS. Dr Carrol Thompson collapsed while teaching at CFNI this morning. his oldest son, Victor, lives in Forney and carries on in his dad's footsteps of preaching and teaching God's Word. please pray for the Thompson family, family of CFNI, and the students who walked thru this.

http://cfni.org/ for more info. 

Dr. Thompson's classes were always full and he cared deeply for each of his students. i experienced his teaching in DELIVERANCE class. he took us thru the Temple showing how it related to forgiveness and deliverance. he was also one of the men who baptized my family at CFNI. he made quite an impression on me.

Dr Thompson was always willing to talk with u and would pray with u. i know that he prayed for every student holding a special place in his heart for the foreign students. he had a large heart for missions and was heavily involved in the mission trips. he often shared his experiences while teaching and often hung out with the students.

i sometimes witnessed my father and he chatting and/or praying. my dad even built a few cabinet pieces for his kitchen. DrThompson was always in demand. seems God gave him wisdom that helped many of us in our daily lives.

Dr Carroll Thompson will be greatly missed at CFNI. he will be missed by all who knew him. i pray that all his family will be filled with God's joy, peace, strength as they and the rest of us mourn his passing.

celebrating a life lived in Christ with joy, smiles, and peace will be how i remember a man who made such a difference in my life

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