26 September 2016

update on our situation...

have been busy...
here's what i have thus far...

today we had a court date.

our lawyer had asked the special prosecutor to reassess this case and let him know how they saw the case. 
special prosecutor came up with a recommendation of 12yrs in prison. our last court date in May, had no restrictions for ken concerning bond. we couldn't believe what the special prosecutor was saying.

our lawyer and ken did not accept this. 

we r now set for trial on 24October2016. pretrial date is set for 21September2016. 

again, we r standing on God's Word. in 2 Kings 19, Hezekiah went strait to God in the temple. he laid the letter out and prayed. God answered. both of us believe God will take care of our situation in a similar way. 
both Ken and i have a peace that passes understanding. the peace we have really cannot be explained. this experience has really let us see God's hand working in our lives. our relationship is stronger and deeper. individually, our relationship with God is stronger and deeper as well. with each step, we r seeking God.

once again, i thank u all for praying, standing, and remembering us. please continue to pray for truth, grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

started out like a normal day but ended up bein' everything but that.
after hubby arrived at work, it wasn't long b4 he was asked to "step into my office". the conversation had him in total shock. in fact, the entire management were in shock of what they had to do.
from what hubby tells me, the management were told that morning to let people go. so at 1100 hrs, ken was back home without a job. he tells me that the man who had to this had tears in his eyes and sadness that he had to let good employees go. from what ken understands, the firings r related to the company making changes. his guess, offshoring.
what makes this a surprise to him was he had no prior warning in his spirit. otherwise, he would have been looking b4 he was let go. this time whwn he came home, i sensed some stress that wasn't there in the previous times this happened.
how r we gonna pay our lawyer? the bills? even if i get a job, it would not cover them. we placed this in God's hands and ken started the search for a new job.

just found out that out pretrial date is being changed. no idea when the pretrial date will be reset. becuz pretrial date is changing, the trial date is also changing. no idea on that date either. will let u know when dates have been set.

going on in background is the gathering of information. we were told by our lawyer that he has been doing his "homework". the cost of this case is staggering but God is supplying everything we need up to this point.

ken is still looking for a job. he has an interview on Tuesday, 20September2016. looks promising. will let everyone know how that goes as well.

found out on 20September2016 the new dates of the pretrial and trial. looks like we have to walk a few more months with this hanging up in the air. we know God has this all in His hands so we walk with His strength and peace.

PRETRIAL: 13 January 2017

please continue to pray that truth, mercy, forgiveness reign as we walk in this during holidays. our lawyer has done his homework and is ready for the "fight". 

on 20 September 2016, ken went for a physical interview.
from what ken told me, he hit it off well with the interviewer. he, himself, was impressed with interviewer as well. of course he had to answer questions about handling job requirements as well as questions about himself.

ken left there feeling good about the man he would work with if he got the job. appears the gentlemen is a believer in Christ. and ken liked the reason he went to work there: he wanted his work to make a difference. that statement stood out to ken.

since God is in charge of ken's job situation, we wait to see what happens next. a background check is sure to be done on those chosen.

thanks for praying for ken and i. we really do appreciate it. God has done some awesome stuff in us, for us, and with us. one day i hope to share it.

until next update, keep building your relationship with JESUS.

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