23 November 2016

update on our situation

to get up to where we r today...

20 September 2016
the pretrial and trial were postponed until early next year.  seems that they need more time to prepare.
the new dates: pretrial is on 13 January 2017 with the trial set for 13 February 2017. so we have to deal with this a bit longer thru another holiday season.
this entire thing has been a learning experience. and not one i care to go thru ever again.

October 2016
hubby got a job offer from Parkland Hospital. it took them just over a month to get all of the details worked out. Parkland was very thorough and checked each of my husband's previous jobs. and one was not very cooperative, which is y it took so long. a thorough background check was also done, which we were a bit concerned about. however, since God is in control of our situation, we had to trust that God would take care of it.
as we waited for the official written offer to come, hubby began to wonder. but each time, God reminded him to just trust Him. apparently, God really wants my hubby working at Parkland. so he waited.
around the 17th of October, hubby received, thru email, the writtren job offer. taking little time to mull it over, he signed the papers and faxed them back.
orientation day was set for 31 October 2016.
the friday before he was to start, they called and told him the background check was not complete. again, we were a bit apprehensive. but God and Parkland both told us that it was a hang up on one of his work history that was causing the problem. the same one that has hampered him before.
by the 2nd of November, it was all ironed out. he was good to go on the 7th of November for orientation.
it has been just over 2 weeks since he started and as usual, he has already made a difference.

22 November 2016
it has been a while since we had spoken with our lawyer. but we have come to learn that our lawyer is doing what he does best. right now it's a lot of behind the scenes kind of stuff going on preparing for the pretrial.
on the 22nd both hubby and i had separate calls with our lawyer. he was wanting to make sure about certain things and clarify others. so the behind the scenes prep is heating up.

23 November 2016
today is a good day. last nite hubby shared that he is to "micromanage" the projects he is working on. there is a lot of work to do to get the hospital systems in a more efficient working order. gonna be painful as the IT department gets things working just right. but hubby has told me there r some really good people that actually know what they r doing and, they r good at what they do. i get the idea that he is gonna enjoy working with them. 🙂

so there it is. thank u all for keeping us in your prayers.
until next time...

21 November 2016

hmmm... good question

below is a question posted on blog for a yarn give-a-way. i had to really think on my answer. it has been hard at times to keep my focus on y i always loved this time of year.

a few days after thanksgiving in 1997, my dad graduated from this life to Heaven. ever since, this holiday season has never been the same for me. decorating the house became a chore and i was no longer "in the spirit of the season". i tried for many years to get it back the way it was. i decorated for the kids sake and then my grandchildren.

last year, in 2015, was the last time i decorated the house. no tree, only the small stuff was put out. there will be no grand celebrations here as my family has been torn apart by a horrible accusation. my heart is no longer in it.

thanksgiving has made me think about what is most important.

i am thankful for a house to keep me warm.

i am thankful for a husband that seeks after God.

i am thankful for a husband that loves me.

i am thankful for food to eat each day.

i am thankful that Jesus took me in and made me His child.

i am thankful for my children and grandchildren. tho my oldest is out of our lives at the moment.

here is the question and my answer for the yarn give-a-way. i can only hope to win this beautiful yarn as many have entered. here is the link if u would like to enter for chance to win http://www.ilikecrochet.com/ilc-blog/win-yarn-to-make-the-sugar-plum-hat-cowl/#comment-49317

check out the rest of her blog as she is very talented in designing patterns and CAL's.

what do i love most about this time of year?
hmmm… let me think.
i truly enjoy the time with family, remembering those who r no longer with us and celebrating their lives as we gather together and give thanks for what we have. even the travel time to get to the destination is a fun time with the anticipation and excitement building. there is comfort and peace and lots of love when we gather together and share in a feast of thanksgiving. yes, thanksgiving is what i love best this time of year.

in Christ,