21 November 2016

hmmm... good question

below is a question posted on blog for a yarn give-a-way. i had to really think on my answer. it has been hard at times to keep my focus on y i always loved this time of year.

a few days after thanksgiving in 1997, my dad graduated from this life to Heaven. ever since, this holiday season has never been the same for me. decorating the house became a chore and i was no longer "in the spirit of the season". i tried for many years to get it back the way it was. i decorated for the kids sake and then my grandchildren.

last year, in 2015, was the last time i decorated the house. no tree, only the small stuff was put out. there will be no grand celebrations here as my family has been torn apart by a horrible accusation. my heart is no longer in it.

thanksgiving has made me think about what is most important.

i am thankful for a house to keep me warm.

i am thankful for a husband that seeks after God.

i am thankful for a husband that loves me.

i am thankful for food to eat each day.

i am thankful that Jesus took me in and made me His child.

i am thankful for my children and grandchildren. tho my oldest is out of our lives at the moment.

here is the question and my answer for the yarn give-a-way. i can only hope to win this beautiful yarn as many have entered. here is the link if u would like to enter for chance to win http://www.ilikecrochet.com/ilc-blog/win-yarn-to-make-the-sugar-plum-hat-cowl/#comment-49317

check out the rest of her blog as she is very talented in designing patterns and CAL's.

what do i love most about this time of year?
hmmm… let me think.
i truly enjoy the time with family, remembering those who r no longer with us and celebrating their lives as we gather together and give thanks for what we have. even the travel time to get to the destination is a fun time with the anticipation and excitement building. there is comfort and peace and lots of love when we gather together and share in a feast of thanksgiving. yes, thanksgiving is what i love best this time of year.

in Christ,


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