13 December 2016

my Christmas wish list...🤔

13 December 2016


Matthew 6:20 NASBS

[20] But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal;


Jesus urges his followers not to collect “treasures on earth” because the temporary trinkets of the world don’t last. Some break down or rust away. Termites make lunch out of others. Instead, Jesus commands us to seek real profits — not material ones that pad only our wallets, but spiritual ones that benefit our souls. These heavenly treasures represent an investment opportunity too good to pass up. When Jesus says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (verse 21), he means that we naturally worship our first love. If we love money and worldly treasures, we can offer God no higher than second place in our lives.


*Would you describe your most important investments as “treasures on earth” or “treasures in heaven”?

*What evidence is there of your answer?

*What steps can you take to become more faithful in storing up treasures in heaven rather than here in this world?

Taken from NIV Busy Dad’s Bible

my add on:

Matthew 6:21 NASBS

[21] for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

when i remember what is truly important, and what the real treasure is, i am brought back to the simple things in life money can not buy. 

all my "stuff" and money is temporary. investing in my relationships with family and friends, sharing my struggles, victories, and me is what matters. all the "stuff" and money i have r tools to help me invest in what is eternal.

my Christmas wish list...
1) apple computer w/27in monitor
2) apple ipad pro 9.7in 128g
3) alienware laptop
4) apple iphone7 plus

i have thought long and hard on what i would like to have on my wish list.

these 4 items r expensive and not something i can just pick up any time i may want to. that is y these 3 items r on a wish list. i cannot afford these 4 items but could definitely put them to very good use in my everyday living.

notice the order i have placed them in.
the first item on my wish list happens to be expensive. but that is not y i placed it first on my list. i placed it first becuz i would like to have that one more than the other 3 items. the system i have now is functional but old. this old system does what it needs to do. however, as with older computer systems, there r problems that occur. one problem my current system has is quite major. it does not like to do a simple restart. i have to do a hard shut down. the desktop and monitor take up quite a bit space as well. there r a few other minor things with it as well.
having the system on my wish list will allow me to: 1) place it in the corner of the room on an arm so i can see the screen from anywhere in the room, 2) connect my current ipad so i can watch baseball, football, hockey(yes i like sports), and see my crochet graph patterns better, 3) allow me to play my only internet game much easier.

the cost of this item makes it a wish, as do the other 3 items listed.

getting the ipad pro would be an upgrade to what i have now. the alienware laptop would allow me to play my game, and watch videos on the go. the iphone7 would give me a bigger screen so i could see it better.

now, with all that said, am i wrong for wanting these things?
no, i am not wrong in wanting these things.

let me explain.
wanting something is not wrong. wanting something and putting it before all else is.
the old computer system i have works. the ipad air works. my laptop works. my iphone 5s works. so God and i have chatted about my wish list. He knows all the reasons y i really want them. He has also shown me that even tho these items will make things easier for me, there r more important things i need to think of first.

Matthew 6:33 NASBS
[33] But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness,...
seeking God's kingdom is more important than my Christmas wish list for one reason, JESUS. Jesus came to claim what is rightfully His even tho we still have to choose Him.
it is more important that i share Jesus with people around me than it is to have my Christmas wish list items.

my husband constantly reminds me how my ipad, laptop, iphone and desktop computer r all tools. he is totally right. they r tools! my ipad has several Bible translations on them. it also allows me to check email, surf the web, and keep up with friends and family. my laptop allows me to work remotely. my iphone5s allows me to make phone calls along with surfing the web and chatting.
these tools i can use to help others, grow my relationship with God, and entertain myself.
the money is the key thing here. what is more important to me? is it getting what i want or putting the money toward helping God get His message out to those around me?
i have thought long and hard on this.

the first part of this blog talks about treasures.
my treasure will be God's treasure. i will cheerfully share my Jesus with those around me. i will let my Christmas wish list be just that, a wish list. i will not covet the items on the list nor will i put those items above my relationship with God and those around me. i will enjoy what i already have thanking God each day i get to share what i have.
i will put my treasure in heaven and enjoy life each day.

live life sharing, u can draw people to God in ways only God can. it is really cool seeing results u have prayed for in people happen before your own eyes. seeing God do His thing in family is so special. i am watching miracle after miracle happen to people around me. so it puts my wish list in the proper perspective.

do i still want the items on my wish list?
yes, i do. but in God's time and not before.

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