26 May 2017

a very sad update on our situation...


my husband had his day in court. it started on Monday, 22May2017. There r no words to describe how i am feeling right now.

jury selection was on Tuesday.
testimony started Wednesday, 24May2017 with the prosecution. they took all day. and the drama and theatrics from Hannah Wright (no longer part of our family) and Saxon Wright (former granddaughter) were clearly on display.
defense happened on Thursday, 25May2017 and lasted only a few hours.
jury got the case at about 1130hrs. they deliberated for about 2.5 hrs. at about 1500 hrs the verdict was read aloud. it was unanimous, GUILTY of indecency with a child. the judge gave him 3 yrs.
just found out that he can not get out on bond but he can appeal. i am gonna have to get the  house ready to sell to pay off our other debts cuz i cannot afford it. i will also be looking for work. unless God does a miracle, and we can get Ken out so he can work and live. i am afraid my husband will have a difficult time staying alive in that jail.
i want everyone to know that my husband is innocent of the charges. this was all driven by a person who is no longer part of the family. she has been released to her own ways and God will do as He sees fit.
i know what is behind all of this and satan will not have his victory becuz Ken Freeman is God's child.
our lawyer is looking into how to appeal and if we can get a new trial.

i know there is a possibility of loosing my husband while he is in jail. his hypothyroidism is so severe, his dietary needs r very specific, and his overall health is of great concern.

until next time...

18 April 2017

an update

18 April 2017
many things have taken place in the 1.5 yrs. and it will soon come to an end. everything culminates on 22 May 2017. the situation that has torn my family apart will be decided on that day. thru all the evidence gathering, waiting, and learning, it is almost over. many r praying for us and with us, as well as standing with us. our lives have really been on hold since this whole thing started on 16 September 2015. all the pieces r now in place and we wait for the battle to begin. please continue to pray for us and that the truth will be spoken, heard, and acted on. God has drawn us closer to Himself and each other. i really believe what He has said and that He will do all that He has promised.

in just a few days hubby and i will ride in the RED BALLOON EVENT. the proceeds go to Children's Medical Center to care for sick kids and find cures for the many childhood cancers and diseases. should be a great ride no matter how far i make it. 🙂

a little bit about me now: as i have become part of the older generation at the age of 54, i am in need of making a few minor changes that will have a big impact on my daily living. don't worry, it's all good.
1) getting bumped up on my thyroid meds and adding DHEA prescription strength to help me have a bit more energy later in the day.
2) have to eliminate some of my favorite foods cuz it's needed to help keep me in balance.
3) doing my best to relax in God and let Him handle everything. learning to relax in the Lord is an interesting journey in itself. tho i have peace that only He can give, i find myself wondering about many different things.

so there it is.
                     until next time...

02 April 2017

a beautiful day!

01 April 2017
this day is usually full of jokes and pranks. but for one woman it was a day full of love, surprises, and  humility. the woman i speak of is my youngest daughter, Katie. today is her wedding anniversary.

the day started out with her not being very nice. she was quite upset about things not getting done as planned the nite b4. but her hubby was being very accommodating. he did everything he could to calm her down and help get things done. i did have to step in and tell her like it is a couple times. tho it still did not help. a few hours later tho she was brouht to the point of tears. let me explain a bit.

a few weeks ago, i decided to have a gathering f family and friends. when i told Katie about it, she thought it a great idea. at first i did not want her to know it was to celebrate her wedding anniversary tho she quickly figured it out. we posted on the fam group page and privately. i prayed that we would get at least two people to come and i would consider it a success. i had done this b4 and no one showed. but i was hopeful that a few of Katie and Less' friends would come. not long after i set the date and got the menu decided, did Less decide to surprise Katie with a very special gift.
with money tight and them just getting a place of their own, he could not afford a lot. however, Less did a great job of pulling a big surprise off without Katie figuring it out.
on the wednesday prior to the 1st, i asked God to hold the rain off until evening so we could have the ceremony outside and let the kids run around. i really wanted to see Katie's face when she figured out what was really happening.God must have wanted to see it as well, cuz we got the perfect day. God did a really nice job with the weather.🙂
Katie had mentioned how she would like to have renewing of vows outside and very informal. well, her husband heard that and decided that since i wanted to have a gathering of family and friends, he would see if he could renew their vows as well. as i understand it, Less and Aaron played phone tag for a while but finally got it worked out. last minute calls to larry and melanie set it all in place.
friday nite Less wanted to know the best place to have the 'ceremony'. it was decided that it would take place under the canopy of the redbud tree. the trees r just getting their leaves and it was perfect!

saturday morning went smoothly for me. i got everything done and almost completely ready by the time pepole started arriving. only two families showed up, but they were the perfect ones God wanted here. Aaron soon arrived and Less was getting a bit nervous. Katie fed Danielle and was really beginning to feel like a heel because of her attitude earlier in the morning. but Less had moved on and was more nervous about revealing his big surprise.

with flowers in hand, Katie stepped out onto the patio. i could not see her face, but a picture taken by Dave revealed the perplexing look. as her father, walked with her "down the bistro's path", she soon had a look of shock and surprise. the smile told it all. she had been totally surprised.

the rest of the story can be found here.

this day was blessed and i am blessed to have been part of it. meeting Larry and his wife, Carol,(thanks to Katie for telling me her name) was a blessing. they r some really real folks. meeting Melanie and Dave was also a blessing. finding real people from a church u enjoy helps me personally. and Aaron, well Aaron is a real dude as well. my hubby and i have really found a great church body to be part of. and i am glad we get to share it with Katie and Less. looking forward to having my mom meet these really real folks as well.
in fact, i'm gonna have another family and friends gathering when she gets here.

18 March 2017

it's late... or early...

what a joy to hear my grandson singing praise to God!

when my grandkids stay overnite, i play worship music as they sleep. well, tonite, Gabriel awoke and just missed making it to the potty. when he went back to bed, i thought he had gone back to sleep. but then i heard a voice coming from where he was sleeping. at first i thought he was talking to his brother, which is a no no when they should be sleeping, but his brother was asleep. he was singing praise to God in a language i can not understand. but the joy in my heart and the smile on my face reflects of how proud i am of him. i sit here listening to him praise God. it is really beautiful to hear him sing, even if he can't sing at all. his praise is music to God's ears. i am at peace with Gabriel singing his praise to Him.

out of the mouths of babes, Your praises r heard. i am blessed to hear that praise sung to God by my grandson. i can only hope that God's praise becomes his life. after all, he is named after God's messenger angel.

grandchildren bring such joy into our lives. they really r blessings that we get to enjoy in our old age.


09 March 2017

still in shock...

tonite, at 1749 hours, i received a call from Serene's son. he called to let me know that his mom's surgery went well and she was doin' really good. he then asked if i had heard about what happened b4 Serene went in to surgery. i replied i had not. he then told me that her husband had passed away. they r having an autopsy done to find out why.
when i heard it, i was in total shock. i just couldn't believe it. even now, at 2150 hrs, i am still in shock.

i met Serene a few years ago thru a game i play on the internet called FLYFF. we became friends over the last few yrs. we chatted often in game and she helped me lvl a few of my characters. when she told me how she was limited by how she was cared for in her daughter's home, i hurt for her. i did my best to encourage her. she became a good friend pretty fast as did a few others. we would go in game just to chat many times. we skyped with the guild and others on FLYFF. good fun and smiles, we also shared when we were down and were soon brought to smiles and laughter by the others. some really good people in the game of FLYFF. a few others we both know r Cyclades, Vorosh, Alberto, Crazy, Shay'd, Bluberri, PuppyLove, BruisedKnuckles.
not long ago, Serene, made the move here to Texas with her son Damon moving in with a man that became her husband. his name, Brad. he was a really nice guy. he was injured on the job if i remember correctly so he was on disability. he had already had several surgeries. but he wanted to make a special person in his life very happy by helping her out and asking her to marry him. for a while, it was a long distance relationship. but that didn't bother them. they felt like it was worth it. and it was worth it. it helped to keep Serene's spirit up in a place that tried to suppress it. Brad was sunshine in her day.
finally in Texas, i got to meet her face to face as they traveled with all the stuff from Louisiana. it was a nice visit. i was sure i wanted to keep in contact with Serene. we chatted often on skype and on FLYFF. then the chatting all but stopped. came to find out she was goin' in and out of hospital for a few months. this past Christmas she had a difficult time. and then in February they saw 3 fatty tumors. she was told their removal was an elective surgery. so the search was on for a surgeon who would remove them. she called me on 08 March 2017 as she waited to be prepped for surgery that morning.
to say the least, i was shocked but glad she skyped me. i had left short messages with no response. so i was glad to know she was alive and doin' well. i replied i would be praying for her. when i sent a short message later in the afternoon. she responded saying the surgeon had an emergency surgery and hers would be postponed until the 09th of March at 1400 hrs. bummer!! but that's how it goes sometimes. she spent the nite in hospital.
around 0900 hrs i got a text telling me she was being prepped for the surgery. did not hear anything more until the phone call from Damon.

please pray for Damon and Serene as they now need to find the money to stay where they r. by no means is Damon moving back to Louisiana. he said that emphatically to me. i know i will be praying that God draws both of them to Himself as He helps them walk this difficult road. Serene is hurting as she just lost the love of her life. even tho it was only a short time they shared together, they were just perfect for each other.

06 March 2017

life - our jigsaw puzzle

06 March 2017: Morning


Romans 8:28 NASB

[28] And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.


Romans 8:28 may be the most often quoted and misunderstood verse in all of the New Testament. It must be taken as a whole, not in pieces, for its truth to be rightly applied.

For many Christmases, my wife bought one of those 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles as a family holiday project. We would get out a little card table, dump the box out, and get to the task of putting that puzzle together. I don't know if any of our boys particularly liked jigsaw puzzles, but we managed to make it into a sort of competition somehow, and they did like that.

When you're working a puzzle that size, it helps to find the corners, then fill in the outer edge, then the interior. I can't tell you the number of times one of us said, "There has to be a piece missing. I've touched every piece on this table, and not one of them fits this space."

A lot of us view life like a jigsaw puzzle. It's as if God has handed us the pieces and we struggle to make them fit. But God does not see it that way. In this puzzle we call life, He sees the whole even as we fumble with the pieces, and He causes it all to work together for our good and His glory for those who love Him, and are called according to His purpose.

my thoughts:

looking at life from a jigsaw puzzle:

it helps to find the corners:

locating a corner makes it easier to see the shape of the piece needed.

Christ is the cornerstone needed to begin putting our life together.

then fill in the outer edge:

as each outer edge is put in place, glimpses of what it is inside can be seen.

after Christ is established as the cornerstone, our outer edging which includes friends and activities r cleaned up and made straiter.

then the interior:

with the corners and edges in place, the more difficult task of putting the interior of the puzzle together begins in earnest.

now that Christ is firmly established as the cornerstone and our outward life is reflecting that, our more hidden interior is now being worked on. each piece that once was hidden in the mass of puzzle pieces can now be seen but not yet fit into the puzzle. this is where we find out that God works all things. He it is that configures our life to fit perfectly in the mix of all the other pieces.

there is no other that can fit ur puzzle perfectly together and have it display properly.

each of us must come to a point in life that we surrender all that is holding us back. when we do, the puzzle is no longer a mass of unfittable pieces but a beautiful work of art that cannot be duplicated

25 February 2017

totally thrown for a loop!!

i am still trying to wrap my head around what happened on 23 February 2017. i was thrown for such a loop that it really did throw my plans to the wind in a good way. if my friend hadn't stepped in, we would not have had dinner that nite. let me start from the beginning...

the day started like any other, hubby got up and went to work and i slept until 0700 hrs. each morning i spend time with my Daddy in His Word and prayer for an hour or so. just b4 i rose to get my day started, i was asking Daddy to help me get everything that still needed to get done for my little anniversary dinner, give me patience so i could handle whatever came up. i was speaking out loud what i was gonna start with and praying that hubby would enjoy what i made for dinner. i was smart as i had thought ahead to get the homemade ranch dressing and sour cream done the day b4. but i was still undecided on the desert i wanted to do but was pretty sure it would be chocolate covered peanuts, possibly with a touch of peanut butter. (never made the chocolate.)
this is where my day gets totally thrown for a loop...
next thing i know, my friend knocks on the door. i tell her to come in but instead of who i am expecting, my husband is standing at the door with 2 bouquets of flowers. we later counted them as we split them up into 3 vases of 12 flowers in each one.

total count of roses 36.
after getting the roses taken care of, i went and got dressed so we could spend the day together.

we got out the door just b4 1030 hrs. by the time we made it to Applebee's, it was near 1045 hrs. Ken decided to forego the brunch and make it a lunch. so he asked me if there was anywhere or anything i needed. i told him how i needed narrower shoes as i have lost quite a bit of weight. he asked where i wanted to look for them and said Sears cuz i usually find what i want there. i really like Sketchers and i know Sears has a good selection. he took me to Sears and thought he might look for more comfortable shoes for himself for work.
sure enough, i found exactly what i wanted in less than 5 minutes after getting to the shoe department. and all the shoes were on sale!

even ken found some shoes he could wear for work that r more comfortable for walking and lots quieter on the office floor tile. Ken then decided that i needed something more casual than my dress boots and much more comfortable. so i ended up getting 2 new pairs of shoes.
now the socks i was wearing were also big on me becuz of loosing weight, so we walked over to JC Penny to find some socks for me and underwear for him. i was able to get socks that now fit my feet and are not so thick.

the thinner sock is much cooler to wear on warm/hot Texas days. and if needed, i could wear them with my cycling shoes. tho i probably won't. Ken was able to find 2 packages of underwear.
after we got what we wanted at the mall, it was time for lunch. so back to Applebee's we went. we enjoyed a very good meal. Ken then asked if there was anywhere i wanted to go or do. i told him that i would like to look for a small speaker that could hook up to my ipod so i don't have to use earphones and so others can also hear what i am listening to without having to hook up to stereo in living room and have volume loud.
since we were near Best Buy, i asked if we could look there. i did not want to spend more than $10 for the speaker. we found a small speaker for $5 and got 2 of them.
after leaving Best Buy, i wanted to look at Bed, Bath, and Beyond to see if i could find some silicone doughnut pans. they did not have silicone ones. but they did have the copper pan i so want. but that will have to wait.
we finally got home around 1500hrs. i still had to get the chicken seasoned and the tortillas made. i got to work but we still did not eat until after 1800hrs. but the dinner was good and the time spent with my husband and daughter's family can't be measured.
from the time hubby came home from work to goin' bed, i was very much out of sorts. i had the most wonderful day! Ken made our wedding anniversary very special.