25 February 2017

totally thrown for a loop!!

i am still trying to wrap my head around what happened on 23 February 2017. i was thrown for such a loop that it really did throw my plans to the wind in a good way. if my friend hadn't stepped in, we would not have had dinner that nite. let me start from the beginning...

the day started like any other, hubby got up and went to work and i slept until 0700 hrs. each morning i spend time with my Daddy in His Word and prayer for an hour or so. just b4 i rose to get my day started, i was asking Daddy to help me get everything that still needed to get done for my little anniversary dinner, give me patience so i could handle whatever came up. i was speaking out loud what i was gonna start with and praying that hubby would enjoy what i made for dinner. i was smart as i had thought ahead to get the homemade ranch dressing and sour cream done the day b4. but i was still undecided on the desert i wanted to do but was pretty sure it would be chocolate covered peanuts, possibly with a touch of peanut butter. (never made the chocolate.)
this is where my day gets totally thrown for a loop...
next thing i know, my friend knocks on the door. i tell her to come in but instead of who i am expecting, my husband is standing at the door with 2 bouquets of flowers. we later counted them as we split them up into 3 vases of 12 flowers in each one.

total count of roses 36.
after getting the roses taken care of, i went and got dressed so we could spend the day together.

we got out the door just b4 1030 hrs. by the time we made it to Applebee's, it was near 1045 hrs. Ken decided to forego the brunch and make it a lunch. so he asked me if there was anywhere or anything i needed. i told him how i needed narrower shoes as i have lost quite a bit of weight. he asked where i wanted to look for them and said Sears cuz i usually find what i want there. i really like Sketchers and i know Sears has a good selection. he took me to Sears and thought he might look for more comfortable shoes for himself for work.
sure enough, i found exactly what i wanted in less than 5 minutes after getting to the shoe department. and all the shoes were on sale!

even ken found some shoes he could wear for work that r more comfortable for walking and lots quieter on the office floor tile. Ken then decided that i needed something more casual than my dress boots and much more comfortable. so i ended up getting 2 new pairs of shoes.
now the socks i was wearing were also big on me becuz of loosing weight, so we walked over to JC Penny to find some socks for me and underwear for him. i was able to get socks that now fit my feet and are not so thick.

the thinner sock is much cooler to wear on warm/hot Texas days. and if needed, i could wear them with my cycling shoes. tho i probably won't. Ken was able to find 2 packages of underwear.
after we got what we wanted at the mall, it was time for lunch. so back to Applebee's we went. we enjoyed a very good meal. Ken then asked if there was anywhere i wanted to go or do. i told him that i would like to look for a small speaker that could hook up to my ipod so i don't have to use earphones and so others can also hear what i am listening to without having to hook up to stereo in living room and have volume loud.
since we were near Best Buy, i asked if we could look there. i did not want to spend more than $10 for the speaker. we found a small speaker for $5 and got 2 of them.
after leaving Best Buy, i wanted to look at Bed, Bath, and Beyond to see if i could find some silicone doughnut pans. they did not have silicone ones. but they did have the copper pan i so want. but that will have to wait.
we finally got home around 1500hrs. i still had to get the chicken seasoned and the tortillas made. i got to work but we still did not eat until after 1800hrs. but the dinner was good and the time spent with my husband and daughter's family can't be measured.
from the time hubby came home from work to goin' bed, i was very much out of sorts. i had the most wonderful day! Ken made our wedding anniversary very special.