18 March 2017

it's late... or early...

what a joy to hear my grandson singing praise to God!

when my grandkids stay overnite, i play worship music as they sleep. well, tonite, Gabriel awoke and just missed making it to the potty. when he went back to bed, i thought he had gone back to sleep. but then i heard a voice coming from where he was sleeping. at first i thought he was talking to his brother, which is a no no when they should be sleeping, but his brother was asleep. he was singing praise to God in a language i can not understand. but the joy in my heart and the smile on my face reflects of how proud i am of him. i sit here listening to him praise God. it is really beautiful to hear him sing, even if he can't sing at all. his praise is music to God's ears. i am at peace with Gabriel singing his praise to Him.

out of the mouths of babes, Your praises r heard. i am blessed to hear that praise sung to God by my grandson. i can only hope that God's praise becomes his life. after all, he is named after God's messenger angel.

grandchildren bring such joy into our lives. they really r blessings that we get to enjoy in our old age.


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