09 March 2017

still in shock...

tonite, at 1749 hours, i received a call from Serene's son. he called to let me know that his mom's surgery went well and she was doin' really good. he then asked if i had heard about what happened b4 Serene went in to surgery. i replied i had not. he then told me that her husband had passed away. they r having an autopsy done to find out why.
when i heard it, i was in total shock. i just couldn't believe it. even now, at 2150 hrs, i am still in shock.

i met Serene a few years ago thru a game i play on the internet called FLYFF. we became friends over the last few yrs. we chatted often in game and she helped me lvl a few of my characters. when she told me how she was limited by how she was cared for in her daughter's home, i hurt for her. i did my best to encourage her. she became a good friend pretty fast as did a few others. we would go in game just to chat many times. we skyped with the guild and others on FLYFF. good fun and smiles, we also shared when we were down and were soon brought to smiles and laughter by the others. some really good people in the game of FLYFF. a few others we both know r Cyclades, Vorosh, Alberto, Crazy, Shay'd, Bluberri, PuppyLove, BruisedKnuckles.
not long ago, Serene, made the move here to Texas with her son Damon moving in with a man that became her husband. his name, Brad. he was a really nice guy. he was injured on the job if i remember correctly so he was on disability. he had already had several surgeries. but he wanted to make a special person in his life very happy by helping her out and asking her to marry him. for a while, it was a long distance relationship. but that didn't bother them. they felt like it was worth it. and it was worth it. it helped to keep Serene's spirit up in a place that tried to suppress it. Brad was sunshine in her day.
finally in Texas, i got to meet her face to face as they traveled with all the stuff from Louisiana. it was a nice visit. i was sure i wanted to keep in contact with Serene. we chatted often on skype and on FLYFF. then the chatting all but stopped. came to find out she was goin' in and out of hospital for a few months. this past Christmas she had a difficult time. and then in February they saw 3 fatty tumors. she was told their removal was an elective surgery. so the search was on for a surgeon who would remove them. she called me on 08 March 2017 as she waited to be prepped for surgery that morning.
to say the least, i was shocked but glad she skyped me. i had left short messages with no response. so i was glad to know she was alive and doin' well. i replied i would be praying for her. when i sent a short message later in the afternoon. she responded saying the surgeon had an emergency surgery and hers would be postponed until the 09th of March at 1400 hrs. bummer!! but that's how it goes sometimes. she spent the nite in hospital.
around 0900 hrs i got a text telling me she was being prepped for the surgery. did not hear anything more until the phone call from Damon.

please pray for Damon and Serene as they now need to find the money to stay where they r. by no means is Damon moving back to Louisiana. he said that emphatically to me. i know i will be praying that God draws both of them to Himself as He helps them walk this difficult road. Serene is hurting as she just lost the love of her life. even tho it was only a short time they shared together, they were just perfect for each other.

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