02 April 2017

a beautiful day!

01 April 2017
this day is usually full of jokes and pranks. but for one woman it was a day full of love, surprises, and  humility. the woman i speak of is my youngest daughter, Katie. today is her wedding anniversary.

the day started out with her not being very nice. she was quite upset about things not getting done as planned the nite b4. but her hubby was being very accommodating. he did everything he could to calm her down and help get things done. i did have to step in and tell her like it is a couple times. tho it still did not help. a few hours later tho she was brouht to the point of tears. let me explain a bit.

a few weeks ago, i decided to have a gathering f family and friends. when i told Katie about it, she thought it a great idea. at first i did not want her to know it was to celebrate her wedding anniversary tho she quickly figured it out. we posted on the fam group page and privately. i prayed that we would get at least two people to come and i would consider it a success. i had done this b4 and no one showed. but i was hopeful that a few of Katie and Less' friends would come. not long after i set the date and got the menu decided, did Less decide to surprise Katie with a very special gift.
with money tight and them just getting a place of their own, he could not afford a lot. however, Less did a great job of pulling a big surprise off without Katie figuring it out.
on the wednesday prior to the 1st, i asked God to hold the rain off until evening so we could have the ceremony outside and let the kids run around. i really wanted to see Katie's face when she figured out what was really happening.God must have wanted to see it as well, cuz we got the perfect day. God did a really nice job with the weather.­čÖé
Katie had mentioned how she would like to have renewing of vows outside and very informal. well, her husband heard that and decided that since i wanted to have a gathering of family and friends, he would see if he could renew their vows as well. as i understand it, Less and Aaron played phone tag for a while but finally got it worked out. last minute calls to larry and melanie set it all in place.
friday nite Less wanted to know the best place to have the 'ceremony'. it was decided that it would take place under the canopy of the redbud tree. the trees r just getting their leaves and it was perfect!

saturday morning went smoothly for me. i got everything done and almost completely ready by the time pepole started arriving. only two families showed up, but they were the perfect ones God wanted here. Aaron soon arrived and Less was getting a bit nervous. Katie fed Danielle and was really beginning to feel like a heel because of her attitude earlier in the morning. but Less had moved on and was more nervous about revealing his big surprise.

with flowers in hand, Katie stepped out onto the patio. i could not see her face, but a picture taken by Dave revealed the perplexing look. as her father, walked with her "down the bistro's path", she soon had a look of shock and surprise. the smile told it all. she had been totally surprised.

the rest of the story can be found here.

this day was blessed and i am blessed to have been part of it. meeting Larry and his wife, Carol,(thanks to Katie for telling me her name) was a blessing. they r some really real folks. meeting Melanie and Dave was also a blessing. finding real people from a church u enjoy helps me personally. and Aaron, well Aaron is a real dude as well. my hubby and i have really found a great church body to be part of. and i am glad we get to share it with Katie and Less. looking forward to having my mom meet these really real folks as well.
in fact, i'm gonna have another family and friends gathering when she gets here.


  1. Larrys wife is Carroll.
    Also, just wanted to say April 1st is our anniversary...