18 April 2017

an update

18 April 2017
many things have taken place in the 1.5 yrs. and it will soon come to an end. everything culminates on 22 May 2017. the situation that has torn my family apart will be decided on that day. thru all the evidence gathering, waiting, and learning, it is almost over. many r praying for us and with us, as well as standing with us. our lives have really been on hold since this whole thing started on 16 September 2015. all the pieces r now in place and we wait for the battle to begin. please continue to pray for us and that the truth will be spoken, heard, and acted on. God has drawn us closer to Himself and each other. i really believe what He has said and that He will do all that He has promised.

in just a few days hubby and i will ride in the RED BALLOON EVENT. the proceeds go to Children's Medical Center to care for sick kids and find cures for the many childhood cancers and diseases. should be a great ride no matter how far i make it. 🙂

a little bit about me now: as i have become part of the older generation at the age of 54, i am in need of making a few minor changes that will have a big impact on my daily living. don't worry, it's all good.
1) getting bumped up on my thyroid meds and adding DHEA prescription strength to help me have a bit more energy later in the day.
2) have to eliminate some of my favorite foods cuz it's needed to help keep me in balance.
3) doing my best to relax in God and let Him handle everything. learning to relax in the Lord is an interesting journey in itself. tho i have peace that only He can give, i find myself wondering about many different things.

so there it is.
                     until next time...

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