09 January 2013

it's a new year

the year has only begun and already it's goin' by so fast. it's so different now that both kids r out of the house. there is so much "me" time, i don't know what to do with myself.

i have decided to try something new that requires me to stretch my brain out. and u know what? i'm looking forward to it. i am currently learning about what makes the computer do all the wonderful stuff we see. the operating system i am gonna attempt to understand just a little is called Linux. i found a free class that u do on your own. it literally teaches u from the very beginning with how to make a line command. and for me, i truly need that. the first, lesson 0, introduces u to the simplicity of the line command structure. tho, to me, it's not really all that simple. but as i get deeper into the course, it will prolly become second nature to me like it is to my hubby.

the operating system is what makes the computer what it is. all the video, pics, backgrounds, and games we enjoy on the computer and internet all start with a command line that tells it what to do, how to do it, and how it should look. just clicking on the "X" is the simplistic way of shutting down an application. but do u know how many command lines r involved in that one little action? quite a few i can tell u.

as i go thru the course, i might share what i am learning, and maybe even my mess-ups. and i'm sure i'll have plenty of those. but i will learn and then i will try to make an RPG game. there r many scripts already set up for me to use. all i have to do is choose the one i want.

the challenge is b4 me. i accept the challenge. so i begin this journey...

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